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What is an Activity
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8-bit tri-state A/D converter
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8.2 Hydrodynamics
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Using the key values shown in Table 12-3, you can create scripts that help you manage DHCP. Listing 12-6 shows an example script that reconfigures DHCP settings.
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Coding, Data Binding, and XAML
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This result can also be obtained from the method described by St ber [3, p. 160], u 2 2 based on examination of the coef cient of s1 s2 in the power series expansion of the moment generating function, U V (s1 , s2 ), of U and V . Evaluating the numerator of (9C.5) using (9C.7), we rst get
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For most people, the panel is the place where they select which desktop is active and which applications are run. You can change panel behavior from the Configure Panel window. Right-click any empty space on your panel, and then select Configure Panel. You can change these features from the Settings window that appears: n Arrangement Change the location of the panel by clicking Top, Left, Bottom, or Right in the Panel Location list box. The Panel Style selection lets you change the size of the Panel from Medium to Tiny, Small, or Large. n Hiding Certain selections enable you to autohide the panel or use hide buttons. Under the Hide Mode heading, choose whether to hide only when a panel hiding button is clicked or to hide automatically after a set number of seconds when the cursor is not in the panel area. You can also show or not show hiding buttons. Sliders let you select the delay and speed at which panels and buttons are hidden. n Menus Unlike with the GNOME main menu, with KDE you have the capability to manipulate the main menu from the GUI. Click the Edit K Menu button. The KDE Menu editor that appears lets you cut, copy, paste, remove, and modify submenus and applications from your main menu. n Appearance You can change the panel background (transparency or background image) or button backgrounds (using colors or patterns.). You can also change whether or not tooltips appear when you move your mouse over a desktop item.
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Different Linux distributions will set up their fstab file differently. Some don t use labels and many others don t use a separate /boot partition by default. They will just have a swap partition and have all user data under the root partition (/). Here is what s in each field of the fstab file: Field 1 The name of the device representing the file system. This field can include the LABEL option, with which you can indicate a universally unique identifier (UUID) or volume label instead of a device name. The advantage to this approach is that because the partition is identified by volume name, you can move a volume to a different device name and not have to change the fstab file. Field 2 The mount point in the file system. The file system contains all data from the mount point down the directory tree structure unless another file system is mounted at some point beneath it. Field 3 The file system type. Valid file system types are described in the section Supported File Systems earlier in this chapter. Field 4 Options to the mount command. In the preceding example, the noauto option prevents the indicated file system from being mounted at boot time, and ro says to mount the file system read-only (which is reasonable for a CD drive). Commas must separate options. See the mount command manual page (under the -o option) for information on other supported options.
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28 Creating High-Performance Java Applications
ErrorDocument directives can be used to specify which file to send in the event of an
Data Integrity
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You can create SQL statements in the SQL view window. Whether you write your own statement or edit one, Access updates the Query Design window when you leave the SQL view window. Tables are added to the top portion; fields and criteria are added to the QBE pane.
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