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where M l (s) is the MGF of the SNR per symbol associated with the lth path and is given in Table 9.1 for some channel models of interest. Note that if the fading is identically distributed with the same fading parameter i and the same average SNR per bit for all L channels, then (9.115) reduces to P b (L, , i; a, b, ) = L 2 (1 + )2L 1 M l
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Remember that the software is being installed in the version of KNOPPIX that is running in RAM. So, the software will disappear the next time you reboot, unless you do something to preserve your data (such as creating a persistent desktop before you install the software you want to keep).
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Netscape security is aimed at scrambling sensitive nancial data such as credit card numbers and sales transactions so they would be safe from break-ins, by using a powerful 128-bit program. However, using 120 powerful workstations and two supercomputers, in 1996 a French student breached the encryption program in eight days, demonstrating that no program is 100 percent secure.
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C H A P T E R 10
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Part IV Advanced Access Database Topics
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mypath=`echo $PATH | sed s/:/ /g ` count=0 for directory in $mypath do check=`ls $directory` for item in $check do count=$[ $count + 1 ] done echo "$directory - $count" count=0 done $ ./countfiles /usr/local/bin - 79 /bin - 86 /usr/bin - 1502 /usr/X11R6/bin - 175 /usr/games - 2 /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.1 01/bin - 27 $
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Getting the Most Out of Outlook
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Running a Linux Firewall/Router
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The ActionForm.validate() Method
XML uses syntax that describes the data in an XML document without describing how the data should be displayed. Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) is what is used to actually tell the XML-enabled program how to display the XML data. Using XSL, you can direct which data should be selected and displayed, and the order of displaying. It uses a combination of XML-like and HTML tags to create a template for creating the output. When Access creates a data access page using the Save As option, it uses an XML schema file internally and a XSL file named ReportML2DAP.xsl to write the data access page telling the page how to display the data. The contents of that file look like Figure 36-51.
Once you have published a calendar, there are several other actions you can take with it. These commands are all accessed by right-clicking the calendar in the navigation pane and selecting Publish to Internet from the menu. Then, on the next menu: n Select Change Publishing Options if you want to change access restrictions, upload method, or any other detail of how the calendar is published. n Select Stop Sharing to make the calendar unavailable. It will remain on the server and sharing can be re-enabled at a later date. n Select Change Sharing Permissions if you want to change who can access the published calendar. n Select Remove from Server to delete the calendar from the server.
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Separating data into multiple tables within a database makes the system easier to maintain because all records of a given type are within the same table. By taking the time to segment data properly into multiple tables, you experience a significant reduction in design and work time. This process is known as normalization. It s also a good idea to create a separate database for just your tables. By separating your design objects (queries, forms, reports, pages, macros, and modules) and the tables into two different databases, it s easier to maintain your application. Later in this chapter, you have the opportunity to work through a case study for the Mountain Animal Hospital that consists of eight tables
If you have many errors in the Results palette, sometimes fixing one error will fix them all. For this reason, you usually want to start debugging your XAML code with the first detected error.
Using 3D Models
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