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$ cat test3 #!/bin/bash # testing using a duplicate function name function func1 { echo "This is the first definition of the function name" } func1 function func1 { echo "This is a repeat of the same function name" } func1 echo "This is the end of the script" $ ./test3 This is the first definition of the function name This is a repeat of the same function name This is the end of the script $
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The children of the current node. This is the default used if no axis is specified. All of the children, grandchildren, and so on, of the current node. The node that is the parent of the current node. All of the parents, grandparents, and so on, of the current node to the root of the tree. All nodes created from elements that came after the element of the current node in the input document. All nodes created from elements that came before the element of the current node in the input document. All of the parse tree siblings of the current node that come after the current node. All of the parse tree siblings of the current node that come before the current node. The attribute nodes of the current node. A short form of attribute. The namespace node of the current node. The current node. The current node and all of the children, grandchildren, and so on. The current node, its parents, grandparents, and so on to the root of the tree.
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Table F-2.
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Customers, however, often try to limit the types of events that could trigger the vendor s right to terminate. At a minimum, the vendor should require a termination right for nonpayment. In addition to termination for breach, the agreement may provide for termination upon the occurrence of other events (e.g., change in control of the customer s business, extraordinary or unforeseen events, a force majeure event exceeding a certain number of days, failure to respond within a certain time period). Agreements with initial and renewal terms may typically be terminated upon a certain number of days notice before the expiration of a term. Evergreen agreements are typically terminable by either party upon six months to a year s notice. Finally, most customers wish to include a right to terminate at any time in whole or in part for convenience. Although such a right is typically granted to the customer, the vendor resists a broad termination for convenience provision. The parties need to negotiate the fees applicable in the event of an early termination.
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[(l+1)/2] (5.67)
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Ferritin mRNA
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$ echo cat $ echo cab $ echo bat $ echo bab $ echo $ $ echo $ "cat" | gawk /(c|b)a(b|t)/{print $0} "cab" | gawk /(c|b)a(b|t)/{print $0} "bat" | gawk /(c|b)a(b|t)/{print $0} "bab" | gawk /(c|b)a(b|t)/{print $0} "tab" | gawk /(c|b)a(b|t)/{print $0} "tac" | gawk /(c|b)a(b|t)/{print $0}
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This defines the IEEE model of the PBB: The intention is to interconnect Provider Bridged Networks (PBNs), defined by IEEE 802.1ad (Q-in-Q), with Backbone Edge Bridges (BEB) and a PBB Network (PBBN) core. In the PBB solution, the BEB adds another layer of Ethernet encapsulation to the customer Ethernet frames, referred to as a backbone header. The backbone header contains a B-MAC address, which is meaningful only to the BEB and backbone bridges within the PBBN core. The bridges in the PBBN core use the B-MAC address to forward traffic. The backbone VLAN-ID (B-VID) can also be used to define the backbone broadcast domain (VLAN). Table 17.1 lists the scaling techniques available in legacy bridged Ethernet networks.
23. Which of the following decays are allowed by conservation laws a. p e g ! b. p p g ! c. n p g ! d. p n p p p !  e. p p p p p p !
A( 180 ) =
Ac c
Prcier H (1977) Ber Phys Techn Bundesanst Braunschweig, PTR-Me-I. , 45 Prescott B, Steinmetz W, Thornas j r GJ (I 984) Biopolymers 23:235 Prior Y (1984) IEEE J Quantum Electron QE-2037 Prockaska FT, Andrees L (1978) J Chem Phys 68:5568 Pubanz GA, Maroncelli M. Nibler JW (1985) Chem Phys Lett 120:313 Pugh LA, Rao KN (1976) Intensities from Infrared Spectra. In: Rao KN (ed) Molecular Spectroscopy, Modern Research, vol 2. Academic Press, New York Pulay P (1969) Mol Phys 17:197 Pulay P, Fogarasi G, Boggs JE (1981) J Chem Phys 74:3999 Pulay P. Fogarasi G, Pang F. Boggs J ( 1 979) J Am Chem Soc 110:2550 Pulham CR, Downs AJ, Goode MJ, Rankin DWH, Robertson HE (1991) J Am Chem Soc 1 1.3:s 149 Puppels GJ, dc Mu1 FFM, Otto C, Grevc J , Robert-Nicoud M. Arndt-Jovin DJ Jovin TM (1990) Nature 347:30 1 Puppels GJ, Olminkhof JHF. Segers-Nolten GMJ, Otto C. de Mu1 FFM. Grcve J (I99 I ) Exp Cell Res 195:361 Purucker HG. Tunkin V, Laubereau A (1993) J Raman Spectrosc 24:453 Rabold A. Eppinger S, Gerry MCL, Nandy SK, Schrotter HW (1990) Raman Spectra of Some Vapors: Benzene, t-Glyoxal, Methanol and Osmium Tetroxide. In: Durig JR, Sullivan JF (eds). Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy. Wiley, Chichester. p 170 Rabolt JF, Clarke TC, Street GB (1979) J Chem Phys 71(11):4614 Rabolt JF, Hofer D, Miller RD, Fickes GN (1986) Macromolecular 19:611 Rabolt JF, Swalen OJ (1988) In: Spectroscopy of Surfaces, Clark RJH, Hester RE (eds). Wiley. Chichester, p 1 Ragunathan N, Lee NS, Freedman TB, Nafie LA, Tripp C, Buijs H (1990) Appl Spectrosc 44:s Rahn LA, Greenhalgh DA (1986) J Mol Spectrosc 1 19: 1 1 Rahn LA, Rosasco GJ (1990) Phys Rev A41:3698 Raman CV (1928) Indian J Phys 2:387 Raman CV (1928) Nature (London) 121:619 Raman CV (1930) The Molecular Scattering of Light, Nobel Lecture delivered at Stockholm, Dee 1 1th. (1 953) Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences 37:343 Raman CV, Krishnan KS (1928) Nature (London) 121:501 Raman CV, Krishnan KS (1928) Nature 121:711 Raman CV, Nedungadi TMK (1939) Nature 143:679 Raman CV, Nedungadi TMK (1940) Nature 145:147 Ramdas AK, Rodriguez S (1 98 I) Rep Prog Phys 44: 1297- 1387 Ramdas LA (1928) Ind J Phys 3:131 Ramsay DA (1952) J Am Chem Soc 74:72 R a m CS ( I 972) Anal Chem 44: I669 Rao CNR, Rao KJ (1978) Phase transitions in solids. McGraw Hill, New York Rasetti F (1929) Nature (London) 123:205, 757 Rasetti F (1929) Phys Rev 34:367 Rasetti F (1929) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 15:234, 515 Rasetti F (1930) 2 Phys 61598 Rasetti F (1930) Z Phys 66:646 Rasmussen GT et a1 (1978) Anal Chim Acta 103:2-3 Rauk A, Dutler R, Young D (1990) Can J Chem 68:258 Reddy SP, Devi VM, Baldacci A, Ivancic W, Rao KN (1979) J Mol Spectrosc 74217 Reedy GT, Bourne S, Cunningham PT ( I 979) Anal Chem 5 1 :1535 Reedy GT, Ettinger DG, Schneider JF, Bourne S (1985) Anal Chem 57:1602 Reinecke D, Jansen A, Fister F, Schernau U (1988) Anal Chein 60:1221 Reins J, Korte EH, Roseler A (1 993) Thin Solid Films 234:486 Reins J, Korte EH, Roseler A (1994) to be published Reitz AW (1940) Z physik Chem B 46:181 Renschler DL, Hunt JL, McCubin TK, Polo SR (1969) J Mol Spectrosc 31:173 Rice MJ. Pietronero L, Bruesch P (1977) Solid State Commun 2 I :757-760 Rich NH, Lepard DW (1971) J Mol Spectrosc 38549 Rich NH, Welsh HL (1971) J Opt Soc Amer 61:977
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