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<html> <body> <script type="text/javascript"> var d = new Date(); theDay=d.getDay(); switch (theDay) { case 5: document.write("<b>Finally Friday</b>"); break; case 6: document.write("<b>Super Saturday</b>"); break; case 0: document.write("<b>Sleepy Sunday</b>"); break; default: document.write("<b>I'm really looking forward to this weekend!</b>"); } </script> <p>This JavaScript will generate a different greeting based on what day it is. Note that Sunday=0, Monday=1, Tuesday=2, etc.</p>
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For more on PGM XXIII, see W nsch 1909: 2 19. See Puschmann 1963 and Daremberg and Ruelle 1963. De Med. 15.108, and see further below. Heim s (1892: 514 19) survey is the standard reference. Iamblichus, De Vit. Pyth. 25.111 and 29.164. Note that in these passages both verses from Homer and Hesiod are mentioned, yet no verses from Hesiod survive in the magical papyri. Cf. Dio Chrysostom 33.61.1, where we nd the query What Homer or what Archilochus is strong enough to dispel (lit. sing away q ) these evils E.g., Aristophanes, Frogs 1032 33; Plato, Republic 364e. Iamblichus, De Vit. Pyth. 2.11. Porphyry, Vit. Pyth. 1; Iamblichus, De. Vit. Pyth. 2.11. Iamblichus, De Vit. Pyth. 14.63. Cf. Porphyry, Vit. Pyth. 32 33. In Pythagorean circles, hearing the aulos was cause for purifying oneself, as mentioned in Aristides Quintilian, On Music (2.19.28): Pythagoras advised his disciples after hearing the reed to wash off the sound since it was de led by a breath, and through favorable melodies on the lyre purify the irrational impulses of the soul. For the Phrygian mode, see Plato, Republic 398e 399a. Iamblichus, De Vit. Pyth. 25.113. Heim 1892: 518. Faraone 1996: 85 and 87. E.g., Frankfurter 1995. While I am sympathetic to Frankfurter s historiola model for many types of magical spells, I do not think it is speci c enough to explain the particular tradition of using Homeric verses. Versnel 2002a. See further Boyanc 1937: 126. See LSJ s.v. Dickie 2000: 570 71. As examples he cites PGM V.330 1 and PGM XXXVI.144 53. On the magnet in women s medicine, see Scarborough 1991: 158 59. They were, however, reading Homer and other Greek authors, as emphasized by Schwendner 2002. So Faraone 1996: 84. Faraone 1996: 84 n. 24. Celsus, De Re Med. 6.18.9. Epid. 4.58. Cf. Aph. 6.11 12. Epid. 6.3.23. Galen, Nat. Fac. 2.8.109. Further research is still needed on the understanding of disease among medical writers in comparison with what is implied in magical texts. For the purposes of the present study, I assume that the boundary between professional medical knowledge and popular interpretation of disease was porous. Note that functionally the blood here is a social agent that is directly addressed by the practitioner.
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In this chapter we looked at the usage and relevance of custom tags. With JSP 2.0, custom tags are certainly a far easier and more viable option then they ever were before. Although Classic tag handlers do confer the advantage of backward compatibility up to JSP version 1.1, simple tag handlers should be used wherever possible. With an ever-growing number of freely available tag libraries on the Web, try and avoid developing new tags for tasks for which a tried and tested tag library might already exist. The JSP Standard Tag Libraries (JSTL) is another recent development that you must explore before taking up any tag development. If you find that you have too many complex situations to be tackled in your JSP, it is likely that a change of design is what is really required rather than creating new tags to handle complexities.
Adopting a framework streamlines the design process. Because the framework is aligned with the business requirements, the designs are vastly simplified. Much of what would have had to be designed now comes as part of the framework. As a result, the designs are focused on the business problem and business details, and less complicated by the mapping of those requirements to the underlying technology.
What do you hide You hide those things that you think others will consider inferior or horrible. But the more you hide your secrets, the more you hide yourself, and, in the end, it is that very effort of keeping secrets that makes our secrets surface. The tension of what s inside wanting out and what s outside pushing it back in creates such a stressful situation that we can t help but blurt out the truth. It could
5.1 Introduction / 129 5.2 Characteristics of the Strong Force / 130 5.3 Charge Independence of Nuclear Forces / 132 Problems / 134 Reference / 135 CHAPTER 6 NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 137
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A register holding a memory address to be accessed.
The container throws the FinderException if an application error occurs during the find or select operation. All the finder and select methods must include the FinderException in their throws clause.
16 Reaction-Assisted Granulation in Fluidized Beds
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