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4.1.16 Substances of biological interest
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The more things change, the more they remain the same. At least it seems that way when the connectivity of computing resources is considered. The traditional centralized architecture (circa 1970) consisted of a large, centralized host processor with dumb terminals connected via terminal controllers. Typical I/O devices were card readers and magnetic tape drives. The early releases of IBM s System Network Architecture (SNA) are good examples of centralized host processing.
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Listing 31-1: Opening a report using a procedure
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Be careful when working with the shift command. When a parameter is shifted out, its value is lost and can t be recovered.
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Look over your security plan and determine if there are examples of information or infrastructure components that benefit from formalized policies and procedures for lost or stolen items. Loss of credentials (passwords, tokens, smart cards) and laptops are clear examples of components requiring a sound policy and procedure for loss or theft. Others include badges, cell phones, sensitive documents, handheld PDAs, floppy disks, flash cards, and the like. Your policy and procedures for lost and stolen items should involve notification of the lost/stolen event, disabling and resetting of affected systems to minimize compromise, logging for illicit use of lost or stolen components, and archiving of the lost/stolen event in case it s needed for future incident response. Use Worksheet 4.41.
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8: Running Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux . . . 275
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rganizational politics a dirty word, a cynical explanation of all that is disagreeable, a descriptive term, or an opportunity Plenty of people are cynical about politics in organizations, by which they mean underhanded seeking of personal interests. That is one kind of politics, probably more aptly described as sheer nastiness. It doesn t take organizational life to find self-serving behavior. This kind of behavior is self-oriented politics, in which the primary goal is only the benefit of the individual, with no concern for the overall organization or department. The people out for only themselves may use methods that are seen as duplicitous, such as saying opposite things about their opinions to different people, giving false compliments to curry favor, harming colleagues by innuendo, or spreading false rumors. These kinds of distasteful behavior are certainly unpleasant and do occur. But often, more innocent behavior gets interpreted by others as self-seeking or underhanded because the motives or style of the offender aren t clear. Bad, personal motives are attributed to the person, and no one tests the motives with the person because if you already believe he or she is nasty, it
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CD business cards are really just regular CDs that have been cut into the shape of a business card. Depending on the one you choose, it can hold from 40MB to 52MB of data. A mini-CD can hold about 180MB of data. You can purchase these CDs in bulk from many locations that sell regular CDs, and you can play them in any CD drive. (However, it s best to use these CDs in trays that have a mini-CD inset because they have been known to fly loose and break CD drives.)
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