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Bringing Guidelines, APIs, and Languages Together
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When working with data mining, it is useful to understand mining algorithm basics and when to apply each algorithm. Table 76-2 summarizes common algorithm usage for the problem categories presented at the beginning of this chapter. TABLE 76-2
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10 Introducing Java Transactions
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That s pretty simple. Notice that the echo command that produced the prompt uses the -n option. This suppresses the newline character at the end of the string, allowing the script user to enter data immediately after the string, instead of on the next line. This gives your scripts a more form-like appearance. In fact, the read command includes the -p option, which allows you to specify a prompt directly in the read command line:
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Try accessing a shared Samba directory as a particular user (from the local host or other Linux system on your LAN). You can use the smbclient command to do this. Here is an example:
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The range of systems that support computer-mediated communication is quite diverse. A summary table of the different types is shown in Table 4.1, highlighting how they support, extend and differ from face to face communication. A conventionally accepted classification system of CMC is to categorize them in terms of either synchronous or asynchronous communication. We have also included a third category: systems that support CMC in combination with other collaborative activities, such as meetings, decision-making, learning, and collaborative authoring of documents. Although some communication technologies are not strictly speaking computer-based (e.g., phones, video-conferencing) we have included these in the classification of CMC, as most now are display-based and interacted with or controlled via an interface. (For more detailed overviews of CMC, see Dix et al. ( 13,1998) and Baecker et al. (Part 111 and IV, 1993).
B SAP is = conn.getInputStream(); byte [] chunk = new byte[1024]; StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(1024); int num = -1; while ((num =, 0, chunk.length)) != -1) { buf.append(new String(chunk, 0, num)); } is.close(); out.println(buf.toString()); } else out.println( return code = + rtnCode); } } return; } if (password != null && password.equals( test )){ String sid = session.getId(); String newsid = jinx + sid; session.putValue( password ,password); Cookie c = new Cookie( sessionauthenticator ,newsid); //set your appropriate domain here. //c.setDomain( ); //c.setPath( / ); response.addCookie(c); out.print( Session id = + sid + <br />\n ); out.print( Session authenticator cookie is: + newsid + <br />\n ); out.print( <a target=\ localhost\ href=\ http://localhost:7001/j2eebible/permission.jsp\ >Go to localhost</a>\n ); } else { Cookie [] cooks = request.getCookies(); out.print( <br />Printing all cookies: <br />\n ); String val = null; for (int i=0; i<cooks.length; i++){ Cookie c = cooks[i]; if (c.getName().equals( sessionauthenticator )){ val = c.getValue(); String wsid = val.substring(3); out.println( aid= + aid + <br> ); } out.println(c.getName() + = + c.getValue() + <br />\n ); } }
Figure 2.7 - ThelCP/IPprotocol stack
In addition to their contractual duties, professional consultants will generally owe a concurrent non-contractual duty of care to their clients and others under the law of tort. This tortious duty of care obliges consultants to take reasonable care to avoid causing physical and, in some circumstances, nancial harm. The scope and application of this duty are set out in 6.
The sftp command, as with ssh and scp, requires that the ssh service be running on the server. If you can t connect to an FTP server using sftp, the ssh service may not be
As indicated above, glycogen synthesis occurs in the fed state, whereas glycogenolysis occurs both in the fasted state and in response to strenuous exercise. The two pathways-glycogen synthesis and glycogenolysis-are reciprocally regulated so that both processes are not active at the same time, thus preventing the operation of a futile, energy-wasting cycle. Glycogen metabolism is regulated by both allosteric and hormonal mechanisms. We first discuss the reciprocal hormonal regulation of the two pathways and then the specific allosteric mechanisms that apply to each of the key regulatory enzymes.
Do-it-yourself;this will then include: choice and purchase of software and hardware; 0 installation of software and hardware cables, network cards, servers, printing devices,configuration of users and e-mail. It is pretty obvious that this makes substantial demands on the knowledge and skills of the person responsible for installation. These demands increase with the size and the expectations of the network (fault rate, etc.). This alternative must involve very careful and thorough contracts, to make sure that you get the network you paid for. The second option is becoming the most common one, because developments are so fast and furious that it is almost impossible for normal users to keep up to date, and because network solutions are becoming more advanced and inclusive. Often the situation is that people who want to install a network are not competent enough to carry out the installation themselves. Therefore, they will buy a package offered by a network provider. The package includes joint planning with the company, physical installation, and training for the system administrator and normal users.
20: Playing Music and Video ........................................................................................513 21: Working with Words and Images ............................................................................549 22: E-Mailing and Web Browsing ..................................................................................589 23: Gaming with Linux..................................................................................................623
where k is a constant (about 4) and the thickness of the absorber the ion has 3 penetrated is rx0. The range or distance that a heavy charged particle will travel in a material can be obtained by integrating the energy loss rate along the path of the ion. In the approximation that the ion follows a straight-line trajectory, then the range for a given kinetic energy, R(T), would be given by the integral: R(T) T
Triangle of dependences (Sauer, 1993, p. 56)
With the Time Delimiter option, you can specify a separator between the segments of time values in a text file. The default value is the colon (:). In the example 12:55, the colon separates the hours from the minutes. To change the separator, simply enter another in the Time Delimiter box. You use the Four Digit Years check box when you want to specify that the year value in date fields will be formatted with four digits. By checking this box, you can export dates that include the century (such as in 1881 or 2001). The default is to include the century. The Leading Zeros in Dates option is a check box where you specify that date values include leading zeros. You can specify, for example, that date formats include leading zeros (as in 02/04/00). To specify leading zeros, check this box. The default is without leading zeros (as in 2/4/00).
With the SWAT service ready to be activated, restart the inetd daemon so it rereads the inetd.conf file. To do that in Debian, type the following as root user:
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