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Can be used to specify the names of the files and/or directories to be copied. Can be used to map source filenames to destination filenames.
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believe that intelligence is the ability to abstract to create something new at a higher lever based on more primitive constructs. The ability to express thoughts using words composed of letters and simple sounds is abstraction; to turn beats and notes into a melody is abstraction; and to turn 1s a 0s in CPU registers into a programming language and then use that language to develop an application represents multiple layers of abstraction. Interpreting SQL Server query execution plans is abstraction inside-out. SQL, as a declarative language, is an interesting study of abstraction because the underlying primitive operations that execute the query are dynamically determined based on more than just the SQL query. The art of SQL Server performance tuning and optimization (PTO) is essentially the skill of reading the query execution plans and understanding how to manipulate the factors that determine the physical operations in an effort to improve performance. The operations inside a query execution plan are the language of SQL Server PTO, which is why this part of the book begins with reading and interpreting the query execution plan.
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Running Mandriva
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FIGURE 66-13 As one of the last steps, the data modi cation is written to the data le.
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Control of CA1 and CB1 Interrupt Input Lina (CRAO, CRB-1. CRA-1, and CRB-1) - The two lowest.order bits of the control registers are used to control the Interrupt input lines CAI and CB1 Oils CRA 0 and CRB-0 are used to
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To change the absolute path for the data source of a data access page you need to change the ConnectionString property of the page. To change the path for the Customer with Pets Pivot Table page, follow these steps: 1. Open the Customer with Pets Pivot Table page in Design view. 2. If the property sheet is not open, open it. 3. Click one time on the title bar of the Page window or in the white area above the top group. The Property sheet informs you that it is displaying the properties for the Page by the title, which has changed to Page: Customer with Pets Pivot Table. 4. In the Data tab section; move the cursor to the ConnectionString property text box (second one from the top). 5. While the cursor is in the ConnectionString text box, press the Shift-F2 key combination to activate the Zoom window. The Zoom window appears with the entire connect string highlighted. 6. In the Zoom window, move the cursor to the right side of the first line where it says Data Source= , positioning it just after the equals sign. 7. Select and remove the drive and path information all the way up to the name of the database (Mountain Animal Data Access Pages.mdb) as shown in Figure 36-32. After the physical path is highlighted simply press Delete to remove it.
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Locking Down the View
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With the situation properly set up, here s the INSERT. . .EXEC command:
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bbe1.Radius = 10;//sets the size of the blur bbe1.KernelType = KernelType.Box;//Gaussian is another option
True Confession: Good for the Soul, Great for the Brand
1. Strategic information, which is provided by navigation systems 2. Management, or tactical, information such as attitude, airspeed, turn, and bank 3. Operational information including oil pressure, temperature, and fuel level Navigation information is strategic for the flight as it tells the pilot in which direction to go and how far it is to the destination, as well as the current location. The destination is set by senior management based on the strategic requirements and operation of the business, and can be considered the business objectives of the flight needed to operate an airline. The pilot needs management information regarding the aircraft attitude, altitude, airspeed, direction of flight, and so on to operate it safely within acceptable limits and head it toward the destination set by senior management. It will also be important to keep an eye on operational metrics such as fuel, oil pressure, temperatures, and so forth to ensure that they are within acceptable ranges, which are analogous to technical IT metrics, to ensure that progress is not disrupted by mechanical failure. The requirements for a security manager operating a security department are not much different. The information needed will be: Strategic (to determine direction) Objectives (destination) Management (to determine attitude and heading) Current state (location) Management status (operating within acceptable limits) Operational (to determine system functionality and impending issues) Status of the machinery (operating in the green) Performance trends (predictive of issues) 14.1 MANAGEMENT METRICS Management metrics differ from strategic governance and program development metrics in several ways. Just as the metrics for running an airline or building an airplane are quite different from the ones used to fly it, so too are the metrics needed for day-to-day management and administration of a security program. 14.2 SECURITY MANAGEMENT DECISION SUPPORT METRICS The information needed for management of a security department is also quite different from the information needed for operational security management. Operational security is concerned with information about such things as server configurations, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and so on. For managing a corporate security department, let us consider the types of decisions that are typically made by someone serving in the CISO role, regardless of the
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XPath is used for locating XML elements and attributes within an XML document and navigating through the XML tree. Every element and attribute within an XML document has a unique path. For example:
Figure 10-21: The RMI client window. As soon as the client launches, the RMI server logs all the actions it performs on behalf of the client. CarFactory Audi: request for all cars. 4 returned. CarFactory BMW: request for all cars. 4 returned. CarFactory Volkswagen: request for all cars. 3 returned. CarFactory Audi: request for all cars. 4 returned. CarFactory: Created new Car:Car: model=Audi model=A8 color=orange serial=5 owner=None CarFactory Audi: request for all cars. 5 returned. CarFactory: Deleted Car:CarImpl_Stub[RemoteStub [ref: [endpoint:[guadalajara:37065](remote),objID:[14]]]] CarFactory Audi: request for all cars. 4 returned.
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