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Model Assumptions
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11.2 Evaluation paradigms and techniques
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Materiality Recognition Understandability Usefulness Valuation Veri ability Conclusion
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Router Emulator Router
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14.3.5 Identify ~ractical issues: Prepare the testing conditions
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WEB The Metadata popup menu (see Figure 7 15) gives you a very basic selection of what metadata to embed within the jpg files. Th is is independent from any metadata you may also be displaying on the pages; this setting refers specifically to what gets included in the image files themselves. All will include all metadata you ve assigned Figure 7-15 to the file, including keywords, captions, titles and ratings, etc. Copyright Only is just that everything else will be stripped from the exported image file that ends up in your Web gallery (but, of course, will remain on the original image within the Lightroom catalog). Depending on the amount of metadata you ve applied to a file, using Copyright Only can help reduce the size of the resulting files. This can be important in cases where fast loading is a priority over complete metadata, or where there are file size limitations. Unfortunately, Lightroom does not show you what the difference in file size will be without all the metadata; you d need to compare the file sizes on your hard drive to see where they end up. Watermarking: you can also apply a watermark to the photos in your Web gallery. Check the box to enable the option, then choose a watermark from the popup menu. Watermarks are covered in detail in 5. Finally, to apply output sharpening to the files, tick the Sharpening box and choose a strength from the menu. You only have three choices: Low, Standard or High. With these simple controls Lightroom is pretty good at applying the optimal amount of sharpening for the size of the images being output for the gallery. This is especially true if you ve done a good job sharpening the images at earlier stages of the workflow. Lightroom applies sharpening as the last step, after rendering the thumbnails and large images at the sizes specified by the Layout Style. I usually use High sharpening.
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Visual SourceSafe Integration
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PE-1 Virtual Bridge Mesh PW CE-1 SAP Spoke PW Mesh PW Mesh PW Mesh PW To remote PE
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Many employees lost their jobs in
Figure 2.7-9 Unit cell of thiourea, a at 300 K, Dk;, L = 4, 0 = 63.6", a = 7.655, h = 8.537, c = 5.520 A; h at 110 K, C;,,, -7 = 2 ' 2, 8~ = 60.5", 0 8 = 70.6", a = 7.516, h = 8.519, c = 5.494 A (Schrader et al., 1971).
Functional Applications and Integration
Software Installation Choose to allow or disallow requested Web content attempts to install software, such as updates, on your computer. Mouse Wheel Change how Mozilla behaves when you use a mouse wheel. By default, the wheel scrolls a line at a time. You can also assign each keyboard modifier key (Alt, Control, and Shift) to a different function. DOM Inspector Turn this on to check the structure of a Web page (for debugging). This is very useful if you need to create Web pages, especially dynamic Web pages.
reduces the cost of many goods and services; thus their consumption will increase, resulting in more buying and more jobs. There is an upper limit to customer consumption.
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