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Learning Basic Administration
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This relationship is shown in Figure 10.6. Note that in the limit of in nitely long irradiation, e 2lt ! 0, and thus the activity present is ns Dx f, which is termed the saturation activity. Note also that for very short times (compared to the half-life of the product nuclei), e 2lt ! 1 2 lt . . .. Thus, the activity increases linearly with time. In general, we note that we achieve one-half the saturation activity after an irradiation of one half-life, threefourths of the saturation activity after irradiating two half-lives, seven-eighths of the saturation activity after irradiating three half-lives, and so forth. Thus, it does not pay to make the irradiation longer than one to two half-lives. (This effect can be used to tune the length of the irradiation to maximize the yield of the product of interest relative to the other reaction products.)
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Pushing Data from the RMI Server
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So far we ve covered everything there is to know about les, except for how to peek inside of them. There are several commands available for taking a look inside les without having to pull out an editor (see 7). This section demonstrates a few of the commands you have available to help you examine les.
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6.6.1 Introduction
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Part II qr code reader
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Logic pulse if input amplitude exceeds discriminator level Logic pulse if input amplitude lies within acceptance window Logic pulse synchronized with some feature of input pulse
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Service Provider Network (IP/MPLS) Customer Site 1 C CE PE P PE MTU CE Customer Site 2 C
[Dx] 10 - [Dy] 10 - X -+ Dx If C = 0, then 1s + [EA] else 0s + LEA1 Same as SCC except the condition isC=l Same as SCC except if Z = 1 Same as SCC except condition is always false
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Detour Merge Point (DMP)
Figure A.16
As you ve seen, the ADSI providers make a dizzying array of objects and interfaces available to your Windows scripts. Before going into the specifics of key objects and interfaces, let s look at basic tasks you may need to perform regardless of which provider you use. These basic tasks are:
Explicitly listing the columns is a good idea. It prevents an error if the table schema changes, and it helps document the insert. However, the insert-column list is optional. In this case, the values are inserted into the table according to the order of the columns in the table (ignoring an identity column). It s critical that every table column receive valid data from the value list. Omitting a column in the value list causes the INSERT operation to fail. You learned earlier that when the columns are explicitly listed within the INSERT/VALUES command, an identity column can t receive a value. Similarly, the identity column is also ignored in the value list when the columns are assumed. The rest of the values are in the same order as the columns of the Guide table, as follows:
Hence, a receiver implementation based on the suboptimum decision metric of (7.66) for unknown delays and Rayleigh or Nakagami-m fading would be identical in structure to that based on the optimum decision of (7.46) for Rayleigh fading and known delays. At this point, the extension of the two-symbol observation results to multiple (more than two)-symbol observation differentially coherent detection should be obvious in light of the discussions in Section 7.4.3 and thus requires no further development here.
User testing is an applied form of experimentation used by developers to test whether the product they develop is usable by the intended user population to achieve their tasks (Dumas and Redish, 1999). In user testing the time it takes typical users to complete clearly defined, typical tasks is measured and the number and type of errors they make are recorded. Often the routes that users take through tasks are also noted, particularly in web-searching tasks. Making sense of this data is helped by observational data, answers to user-satisfaction questionnaires and interviews, and key stroke logs, which is why these techniques are used along with user testing in usability studies. The aim of an experiment is to answer a question or hypothesis to discover new knowledge. The simplest way that scientists do this is by investigating the relationship between two things, known as variables. This is done by changing one of them and observing what happens to the other. To eliminate any other influences that could distort the results of this manipulation, the scientist attempts to control the experimental environment as much as possible. In the early days, experiments were the cornerstone of research and development in user-centered design. For example, the Xerox Star team did experiments to determine how many buttons to put on a mouse, as described in Box 14.1. Other early experimental research in HCI examined such things as how many items to put in a menu and how to design icons. Because user testing has features in common with scientific experiments, it is sometimes confused with experiments done for research purposes. Both measure performance. However, user testing is a systematic approach to evaluating user performance in order to inform and improve usability design, whereas research aims to discover new knowledge. Research requires that the experimental procedure be rigorous and carefully documented so that it can be replicated by other researchers. User testing should
JScript supports many different types of operators. You ll find arithmetic operators, comparison operators, assignment operators, and bitwise operators. You ll also find logical operators, such as && and ||.
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All new browsers support a new built-in JavaScript XMLHttpRequest object (IE5 and IE6 use an ActiveXObject). The XMLHttpRequest object can be used to request information (data) from a server. Let s update our HTML file with a JavaScript in the <head> section:
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