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Testing typical users on typical tasks in a controlled laboratory-like setting is the cornerstone of usability testing.
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Divine Agents
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An 8-bit code American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII): commonly used with microprocessors for representing alphanumeric codes.
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Maintaining links (making sure that there are no "dead" links).There are good tools to take care of this task. Working out rules for how information should be published on the intranet, for example who can publish information and how it i s done, Routines for how new information on the intranet is to be linked in and published must also be worked out and followed up. The task will eventually consist of working out templates for presentation on the intranet.
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Without the single quotation marks, the bash shell assumes that the next character is another command to process. Notice that for the local environment variable I de ned, I used lower-case letters, while the system environment variables we ve seen so far have all used upper-case letters. This is a standard convention in the bash shell. If you create new environment variables, it is recommended (but not required) that you use lower-case letters. This helps distinguish your personal environment variables from the scores of system environment variables.
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In this chapter we describe hardware aspects of the Intel Pentium. Topics include Pentium pins and signals, timing diagrams, and memory and 110 interfacing techniques. Finally, design concepts associated with a Pentium-based voltmeter and Pentium-based microcomputer interface to a hexadecimal keyboard and a seven-segment display are covered. 12.1 Pentium Pins and Signals
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One of the earliest experiments in nuclear physics was Rutherford s demonstration of large-angle scattering of a particles by gold nuclei. This experiment established the existence of a small nucleus within the atom ( 10). The force acting in this process, called Rutherford scattering, is the repulsive Coulomb force between the positively charged nuclei. A schematic diagram of the phenomena is shown in Figure 13.6. Rutherford scattering is an elastic event, that is, no excitation of either the projectile or target nuclei occurs. However, due to conservation of energy and momentum in the interaction, the kinetic energy of the backscattered ion is less than that of the incident ion. The relation between these energies is the kinematic factor, K, which is given by the expression K  2 2 2 E1 (M2 M1 sin2 u)1=2 M1 cos u M1 M2 E0 (13:4)
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Opening a report with a macro
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Reading E-Mail with Mozilla Mail
Management Development Says Developing coaching skills Building trust Team building Increasing management skills
-----------------------------------------------------------Opaque LSA -----------------------------------------------------------Area Id : Adv Router Id : Link State Id : LSA Type : Area Opaque Sequence No : 0x800000f9 Checksum : 0xb38f Age : 213 Length : 132 Options : E Advertisement : LINK INFO TLV (0002) Len 108 : Sub-TLV: 1 Len: 1 LINK_TYPE : 2 Sub-TLV: 2 Len: 4 LINK_ID : Sub-TLV: 3 Len: 4 LOC_IP_ADDR : Sub-TLV: 4 Len: 4 REM_IP_ADDR : Sub-TLV: 5 Len: 4 TE_METRIC : 1000 Sub-TLV: 6 Len: 4 MAX_BDWTH : 100000 Kbps Sub-TLV: 7 Len: 4 RSRVBL_BDWTH : 100000 Kbps 2 Sub-TLV: 8 Len: 32 UNRSRVD_CLS0 : P0:50000 Kbps P1:50000 Kbps P2:50000 Kbps P3:50000 P4:50000 Kbps P5:50000 Kbps P6:50000 Kbps P7:50000 Sub-TLV: 9 Len: 4 ADMIN_GROUP : 00000003 (3) Sub-TLV: 16 Len: 4 SRLG_LIST : Num SRLGs: 1 100 -----------------------------------------------------------
Exploring New User Interface Techniques
PlanetPenguin Racer (TuxRacer)
Figure 3.5-14 Thermal emission: Relative signal, recorded by a Germanium detector of a sample, thickness 1 cm, with the absorption properties of water (broken lines) and of a black body (full lines) in the range of the Raman spectrum excited with the Nd:YAG laser at 1064 nm.
Fig. 3.1.
In the next steps, you begin to place the controls in their proper position to complete the report layout as designed (see Figures 19-5 and 19-6). You want this first pass at rearranging the controls to look like Figure 19-14. You will make a series of block moves by selecting several controls and then positioning them close to where you want them. Then, if needed, you fine-tune their position. This is the way most reports are done. Follow these steps to begin placing the controls where they should be. To roughly position the page header controls: 1. Move the Type of Customer control to the right and down so that the top of the control intersects 1-inch on the vertical ruler and the left edge is under the P in Pets in the title. 2. Still in the page header, delete (only) the attached labels from all the text controls except Type of Customer. 3. Rearrange the controls in the page header to resemble a typical mailing-label address format; City, State, and ZIP Code should be on the same line. 4. Move the Phone Number text box control under the City text box control. 5. Move the block of name, address, and phone number controls into position so that the top of the block intersects the 1 2 -inch mark on both the vertical and horizontal rulers. 6. Resize the page header section so that it intersects the 11 2 -inch mark on the left vertical ruler.
Row constructors: Insert multiple rows with a single INSERT...VALUES statement Merge: Set-based command that can insert, update, or delete for matching or nonmatching rows
FIGURE 18.22 The BulletDecorator allows you to nest two elements: a bullet, which can be any UIElement, and a child element.
There is only one Document node, and it is the root of the tree. Starting with this node, it is possible to reach every node in the parse tree. The Document node defines some convenience methods that can be used for direct access to other portions of the parse tree. None of these methods are used in the example in Listing 6.7 because the entire tree is traversed, which means it visits all the nodes. There is a method named getDocType() that you can use to directly retrieve the DocumentType node and another method named getDocumentElement() that will retrieve the root Element node. The method getElementsByTagName() can be used to retrieve a list of all the actual elements defined using the specified tag name. For example, the following line of code will retrieve an ordered list of all phone elements in the entire parse tree:
Now you are ready to test the SSH service. From another computer on which SSH has been installed (or even from the same computer if another is not available), type the ssh command followed by a space and the name of the system you are connecting to. For example, to connect to the system ratbert.glaci.com, type:
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