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Cross-tabulations from the 1996 Census raised preliminary concerns about economic achievement. In metropolitan Toronto, ethnic Chinese immigrants appeared as negative outliers in economic performance (Lo and Wang 2004).19 While 30 percent of all working-age adults in Toronto, immigrant and non-immigrant, were not working, this figure rose to 40 percent for ethnic Chinese immigrants. The four largest sub-groups, born in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, all registered levels above the metropolitan average of adults not at work, numbers ranging from 32 percent of Vietnamese to a remarkable 52 percent of Taiwanese adults. Lo and Wang (2004: 115) find the very high Taiwanese proportion outside the workforce puzzling . Among all Chinese sub-groups, the Taiwanese are the most fully contained within the BIP, and the substantial lack of economic participation recorded in the family histories in this chapter points to the role of the Business Immigration Programme in contributing to this anomalous underachievement among Taiwanese-Canadians.20 Personal income data from the Census also reveal that in 1996 all overseas-born Chinese were receiving an average income of $21,200, or 73 percent of the income of all Torontonians. However, those who had immigrated in the previous five years shared the general income penalty faced by new Canadians, reporting only 44 percent of the metropolitan income average. While this modest achievement represents the under-utilisation of human capital endured by most recent immigrants, marking the most significant failure of Canada s immigration policy (Pendakur and Pendakur 1998; Li 2000; Reitz 2001), further probing suggests more specific factors are also at work. Micro-data analysis from the 2001 Census revealed continuing weak economic performance for recent immigrants to Canada from Hong Kong and China with wages and salaries extraordinarily low in light of the human capital of newcomers (Guo and DeVoretz 2006: 290). Unexpectedly, highest wages coincided with younger cohorts, 26 30 year-olds from Hong Kong and the 36 40 year-old age group from China. Thereafter, wages and salaries dropped for recent immigrants in their forties and fifties, decades which would normally coincide with peak years of earning. This profile is consistent with the differential economic achievements of skilled workers and the business class in Canada. Higher earnings are attributable to younger immigrants who land as independent skilled workers, a class normally more successful in the labour market. It is the business class who are typically in their forties or early fifties upon arrival and whose weaker economic performance would drag downwards the slope of earnings with increasing age. The Census also provides a striking contrast between accumulated wealth and current cash flow among wealthy migrants from East Asia. A special tabulation of the 1996 Census for Vancouver separated out immigrant households of self-declared Chinese ethnic origin who had landed in Canada during the previous decade. In a first run this population was disaggregated
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