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Figure 3.5-16 Spectrum of an organic iron complex, 100 scans, 8 cm a exciting radiation 100 mW, unfocused; b 180 mW, unfocused; c 45 mW, focused, for b and c the intensity of the range above 2200 cm- is reduced to 113 (Sawatzki, unpublished).
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Part VI Web Services
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Listing 5.5
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In most cases, the GUI configuration you set up during installation for your video card and monitor gets you to a working desktop environment. If, for some reason, the screen is unusable when you start the desktop, you need to do some additional configuration. The section Configuring Your Own Desktop later in this chapter describes some tools you can use to get your desktop working.
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import import import import import import javax.servlet.ServletContext; javax.sql.DataSource; java.sql.Connection; java.sql.Statement; java.sql.ResultSet; java.sql.SQLException;
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There are also four object collections in ADO: Errors, Parameters, Fields, and Properties. Note that these collections are containers for child objects in the ADO model. There are no collections at the root of the object model, and the model is never more than two levels deep. The structure is consistent and simple, always with the following progression: Parent Object Collection of dependent objects Child Object
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In creating a brand we too often speak of the external things. We are mostly conscious of our accomplishments. Whether it is our human
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Think broadly and softly. Supplement hard nancial metrics with soft ones that may be more strategic in nature and may be important leading indicators of nancial outcomes. Measures such as customer and partner satisfaction, customer loyalty, response time to competitive actions, and improved responsiveness are examples of soft measures. Subjective measures can be objective if used consistently over time. For instance, customer satisfaction measured consistently on a ve-point scale can be an objective basis for measuring the performance of customer-facing initiatives. Pay your freight rst. Think carefully about short-term bene ts that you can pay the freight for the initial investment in the project. For example, a telecom company found that it could justify its investment in data warehousing based on the cost savings from data mart consolidation, even though the real payoffs from the project would come later from increased crossselling opportunities. Follow the unanticipated. Keep an open mind about where the payoff from IT and e-business projects may come from, and follow opportunities that present themselves. Eli Lilly & Co. created a Web site called InnoCentive (innocentive.com) to attract scientists to solve problems in return for nancial rewards ( bounties ). In the process, Lilly established contact with 8,000 exceptional scientists, and the Lilly s HR department has used this list of contacts for recruiting.
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1. Select Import and Export from the File menu to display the Import and Export Wizard. 2. Select Import RSS Feeds from an OPML File. 3. Click Next. 4. Enter the name of the file, or use the Browse button to find it. 5. Click Next. 6. In the next dialog box, put a checkmark next to the feeds that you want to import and clear those that you do not want to import. 7. Click Next.
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Note that when shadowing is absent ( = 0), (2.60) reduces to (2.24), as expected. Similarly, as the fading is reduced (m ), (2.60) reduces to (2.56), as expected. Suzuki Distribution Analogous to (2.47), Suzuki [21] also proposed a composite Rayleigh/log-normal PDF to model the multipath/shadowing distribution for the fading amplitude that characterizes the mobile channel. The difference between the Suzuki distribution and the amplitude distribution that would lead to (2.47) is in the former the rms that (root mean square) value of the fading amplitude (i.e., ) is modeled as being log-normal whereas in the latter it is the mean-squared value of this amplitude (i.e., ), which is assumed to be log-normal. However, since the square of a log-normal variable is also log-normal with only a change in the parameters, then clearly the two distributions have the same functional form. For completeness, it should also be mentioned that the original idea behind either of these composite channel descriptions appears to date back to the work of Sunde [60, p. 396]. K Distribution Since the log-normal distribution is used to describe the shadowing phenomenon for both the Suzuki and the Rayleigh/log-normal models, the main drawback of the resulting distributions for the fading amplitude is their complicated mathematical form, which often renders them inconvenient for analytical performance
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