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Centura Software Corporation Product type: Product Name: Web site: E-mail: Address: Phone: DBMS Centura 1060 Marsh Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 800-444-8782
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Port MTU - encapsulation overhead >= service MTU All SAPs (for all services) residing on the same physical access port, share the port s encapsulation type and MTU value. Access Port MTU decides SAP MTU.
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BaseCampName ----------FreePort Ft Lauderdale West Virginia
USE tempdb; CREATE TABLE GUIDtable ( GUIDtableID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER NOT NULL DEFAULT (NewSequentialID()) PRIMARY KEY, Col1 CHAR(1), ); INSERT GUIDtable (Col1) VALUES ( a ), ( b ), ( c ); SELECT GUIDtableID, Col1 FROM GUIDtable;
12: Network Management System Components
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Figure 3-68
Value: Array Gettable: Yes Settable: Yes Description: Array of AdsPath strings for other objects related to this user.
You can use ADO and DAO to add a record to a table just as easily as you can update a record. To add a new record to a table, you use the AddNew method. Listing 31-2 shows the ADO procedure for adding a new customer to the Customer table.
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