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public double getProductPrice() { return productPrice; } public String getCurrency() { return currency; } public void setProductID(int aProductID) { productID=aProductID; } public void setProductName(String aProductName) { productName=aProductName; } public void setProductDesc(String aProductDesc) { productDesc=aProductDesc; } public void setProductPrice(double aProductPrice) { productPrice=aProductPrice; } public void setCurrency(String aCurrency) { currency=aCurrency; } public void print() { System.out.println(productID); System.out.println(productName); System.out.println(productDesc); System.out.println(productPrice); System.out.println(currency); } }
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XML Schema is currently a W3C recommendation (www.w3.org/XML/ Schema). XML Schema is hierarchical and enables type, structure, and relationship definitions to exist as well as field validations within elements. XML Schema is harder to learn and create than DTDs but solves the major limitations of DTDs. The schema definition is written in XML, which seems like a natural fit in the XML world with great tool support for creating and editing XML documents. XML Schema is not part of the XML 1.0 specification, which means that valid XML documents only apply to documents that are validated by DTDs using the DOCTYPE declaration.
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javac classpath .;%JDOM_HOME%\build\jdom.jar jdom_test.java
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2. It uses simplified information models and object classes. 3. Being restricted to the client side, LDAP does not address what happens on the server side, for example, the duplication of the directory or the communication among servers. 4. Finally, Version 3 of LDAP, LDAPv3, does not mandate any strong authentication mechanism. However, the latitude that LDAPv3 has allowed to developers with respect to strong authentication has resulted in some incompatibilities among different implementations of secure clients and servers. RFC 2829 [102] specifies a minimum subset of security functions common to all implementations of LSAPv3 that use the simple authentication and
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WSDL Descriptions
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6 Working with Speedlights
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Table 3.14: Variable Names and Data Types with Description Variable Name CustName CustDob CustAddress CustCity CustPhone CustAmount CustAmountPaid CustBalAmount FirstCustomer SecondCustomer Data Type String String String String String Number Number Number Array Array Description Stores the name of the first/second customer Stores the date of birth of the first/second customer Stores the address of the first/second customer Stores the city where the first/second customer stays Stores the phone number of the first/second customer Stores the total bill amount of the first/second customer Stores the amount paid by the first/second customer Stores the outstanding amount of the first/second customer Stores details such as the name, date of birth, address, city, phone, and outstanding amount of the first customer Stores details such as the name, date of birth, address, city, phone, and outstanding amount of the second customer 64
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As I ve just shown, the chown command can be used to change ownership and chmod can be used to change the permissions of a file or directory. With chown you can simply change ownership (chris) or follow the owner name with a group name to set that as well (chris:sales). In Red Hat Linux systems, each user has a default group name that is the same as the user name (for example, chris:chris). You can create more groups by adding them to the /etc/groups file. The owner/group/other permission on files and directories can be assigned by numbers or by using letters. The number 777 represents full permission on a file; no permissions on a file would be 000. You can figure out the number to set by adding up the numbers for each read/write/execute set. Here s a visual representation:
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This book is also ideally suited to the Linux newcomer. That person could be a newcomer to computer systems or someone who has operated with that other GUI operating system but who is curious about a powerful and reliable operating system whose popularity is growing daily.
Test Plans
10 MHz reference regenerator Angular error signals X detector (or Az) Y detector (or El)
Figure 10.10 Details.html in the Web browser.
Peer-to-Peer SIP
We can see that the trajectory starts at the initial point r(t0) = r0 and in the limit t reverts to its long-run limiting value (steady state) r . When > 0, we need to solve an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck SDE. It can be integrated in closed form to yield for each s t. r(t) = r + (r(s) r )e
Risk-Based Controls: Current State
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