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activities were more potent than that of 5- uorouracil, a drug currently used for cancer chemotherapy. However, the Marshall et al. data are 108 109 less potent than those reported previously by McLaughlin et al. by the same compounds. Additionally, the dihydroasimicin exhibited similar activities as asimicin, although its double bond of terminal lactone was saturated. Elegant combinations of Sharpless dihydroxylations/epoixdation and Mitsunobu reaction on the unsaturated fatty acids were developed by Keinan et al., in constructing various THF rings in the syntheses of uvaricin,55 squamotacin,56 and trilobin.57 Scheme 10-21 shows the syntheses of squamotacin and trilobin. During the course of converting g-unsaturated lactone 104 into epoxide 108, Sharpless dihydroxylations (AD-mix-a, AD-mix-b) were used twice and Sharpless epoxidation was used once. Epoxide opening of 108 with alkyne generated the phosphorium salt 109, which was used for the following Wittig reaction to establish the whole skeleton. After two steps of routine transformations, squamotacin was nally synthezied. The synthesis of trilobin with threo-trans-erythro-trans-threo bis-THF con guration also used these two reactions as key steps. However, establishment of its skeleton used the epoxide opening reaction by a terminal alkyne. While synthesizing bullatacin and asimicin,58 Re2O7-mediated oxidation of homoallylic alcohols was used as the key reaction. Re2O7-mediated tandem oxidative polycyclization of polyenic bis-homoallylic alcohols was also developed by Keinan et al. in their synthesis of bis-THF acetogenins. Several important conclusions were drawn on Re2O7-mediated oxidations of ployalkene: (1) The rst THF ring formed is always in trans-con guration. (2) If two oxygenated functional groups existing in the above THF containing intermediate are in threo-con guration, the next forming THF ring will be a cis one; otherwise, a trans-THF will form. These rules are well used in their synthesis of rollidecin C and rollidecin D59 (Scheme 10-22). Epoxide 115 preapred by Sharpless AE was selectively reduced by Red-Al to give 1,3-diol, and then this diol was converted into the phophorium salt 116. Wittig reaction of aldehyde 117 or 118 with
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Hypothesis (t ) 12.4 8.3 7.7 6.7 6.4 6.4 4.7 4 3.8 3.6 3.6 3.4 3.4 3.3 3.2 ...
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Ft1 ,t2 ,K,t n (x1 , x2 , . . . , xn ) =
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49.52 50.62 51.72 47.6 55.4 3.0
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TABLE 8.7 Motors Motor Power (hp) 1.0 2.0 5.5 9.0 Average Consumption of Some Biogas Average Consumption (m3 /h) 0.45 0.92 2.24 3.16
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PO(OEt)2 CO2Et 185
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=NOMINAL(EFFECT(Effx *Freqx,Freqx,Freqy) Freqx),Freqy)/Freqy
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$ mail<Enter> Mail version 8.1.6/6/93 Type for help "/var/spool/mail/panzasan": 2 messages 1 new U 1 quixote@hostname.local Tue Jul 17 10:50 10/267 "Meeting at El Toboso" N 2 nicholas@hostname.local Tue Jul 17 11:05 16/311 "Meeting Postponed " &
There is a risk of complexity that is inherent in all enterprise development. This platform does not suffer any more or any less from that risk than any other enterprise platform. In certain cases, there may be concerns about the performance and scalability of the platform; these are discussed in 15. Certainly, most of the benefit scenarios do not require the platform to be very scalable, and if scalability is a requirement, then there are always commercial alternatives that can be used for deployment. Support for and compatibility with Java and J2EE standards are two other considerations.
Figure 3.3 ToS in IP header.
XML Processing and Data Binding with Java APIs
mtools Commands
public String getNotes() {
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