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We have already used a few document object methods to generate text in your document. For example, we have extensively used the write() method to write text to a document. There is another method, writeln(), which performs a similar function. Before discussing the details of the writeln() method, let us revise the write() method. The write() method helps write text on Web pages. This method is prefixed with the object name document. Since the window object is the default object, specifying the name before the method is not necessary. The syntax of the write() method is as follows:
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2 Finding What You Need
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Figure 12.6: Microsoft Management Console Window. Let us now create a virtual directory in the Default Web Site. You need to perform the following steps to set up a virtual directory: 1. Right click Default Web Site and select New, Virtual Directory to start the New Virtual Directory Wizard. Figure 12.7 displays the Microsoft Management Console Window with the cursor pointing to the New, Virtual Directory option.
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Before you can begin creating custom functions, you need to become familiar with the Visual Basic Editor, or VB Editor for short. The VB Editor enables you to work with VBA modules, which are containers for your VBA code. In Excel 5 and Excel 95, a VBA module appeared as a separate sheet in a workbook. Beginning with Excel 97, VBA modules no longer show up as sheets in a workbook. Rather, you use the VB Editor to view and work with VBA modules. In Excel 97 and later versions, VBA modules are still stored with workbook files; they just aren t visible unless you activate the VB Editor.
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As an administrator of a public BZFlag server, there are some tools that you can use to kick out and/or ban users that don t behave properly. The first trick is to detect the bad behavior and the second is to deal with it. Sometimes a player s client takes too long to respond, causing the player s movements to not be followed by opposing players. This is called lag. In most cases, lag is just the result of a longdistance player or someone with a slow Internet connection. If lag occurs repeatedly for long periods of time (600 milliseconds or more), it can disrupt the game experience for all players. It might also be an indication that the person is using lag time to cheat. An administrator who suspects cheating can warn the player and then kick the player off after a certain number of warnings. The first issue is to set how high a lag is too high. Here, the -lagwarn option is used to set the lag threshold to 600ms. A number above this number results in a warning:
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The displacer moves up and down to control whether the gas in the engine is being heated or cooled. There are two positions: 1. When the displacer is near the top of the large cylinder, most of the gas inside the engine is heated by the heat source and it expands. Pressure builds inside the engine, forcing the power piston up. 2. When the displacer is near the bottom of the large cylinder, most of the gas inside the engine cools and contracts. This causes the pressure to drop, making it easier for the power piston to move down and compress the gas. The engine repeatedly heats and cools the gas, extracting energy from the gas s expansion and contraction with some waste heat. Some Stirling engines are made to store some of the waste heat by making the air ow through economizer tubes that absorb some of the heat from the air. This precooled air is then moved to the cold part of the engine, where it cools very quickly, and as it cools it contracts, pulling down on the piston. Next, the air is moved mechanically back through the preheating economizer tubes to the hot side of the engine, where it is heated even further, expanding and pushing up on the piston. This type of heat storage, used in many industrial processes, is currently called regeneration. Stirling engines do not require regenerators to work, but, well-designed engines will run faster and put out more power if they have a regenerator [3,12].
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P (c ) =
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and P(t; T, S) is the standard deviation of the normal distribution of the logarithm of the forward bond price F(T; T, S) at time T, given the information at time t:
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Location Information
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This result generalizes that of Black and Scholes (1973) to the pricing of any claim, which may be path-dependent. DEFINITION. A nancial market is complete if and only if every contingent claim is attainable. Harrison and Pliska (1983) proved that a nancial market is (arbitrage-free and) complete if and only if there exists a unique equivalent martingale measure. Thus, the existence of a unique equivalent martingale measure both makes markets arbitrage-free and allows for the derivation of a unique price associated with any contingent claim.8 Consequently, the following three results characterize noarbitrage pricing by martingales: 1. The market is arbitrage-free if (and only if) there exists a martingale measure. 2. The market is complete if and only if the martingale measure is unique. 3. In an arbitrage-free market, not necessarily complete, the price of any attainable claim is uniquely given either by the value of the associated replicating strategy or by the risk-neutral expectation of the discounted claim payoff under any of the equivalent (risk-neutral) martingale measures.9 We see that a self-replicating strategy must yield the same price as the discounted claim payoff under a risk-neutral measure if and only if there is to be an absence of arbitrage. Equation (1.63) gives the unique no-arbitrage price of an attainable contingent claim H under a given equivalent martingale measure Q. However, Geman et al. (1995) noted that an equivalent martingale measure is not necessarily the most natural and convenient measure for pricing the claim H. 10 For example, under stochastic interest rates, the presence of the stochastic discount factor D(t, T) can considerably complicate the calculation of the expectation. In such cases, a change of numeraire can help simplify the calculation. Jamshidian (1989) uses the change of numeraire approach to compute bond-option prices under the Vasicek (1977) model.
We normally install Tomcat into the /usr/jakarta/tomcat directory. Your organization may have different rules for the installation location. Other common locations that we have seen are:
Why is your home directory what it is 11. Display your list of variables. Reissue the command but send the output to the wc command to get the number of variables that are currently set.
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