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It s not uncommon to enter a formula only to find that the formula returns an error. Table 2-2 lists the types of error values that may appear in a cell that has a formula.
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A better-organized method, recommended for production, is to have the .wsr file residing inside your application s .ear file. The .wsr file should be at the same level as an EJB .jar file within the .ear file. You ll also need to add a reference to the .wsr in the <module> tag within the .ear s METAINF\application.xml file. Following are the additions you ll need to make to the .ear s META-INF\application.xml file:
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If you accidentally press Ctrl+Enter (instead of Ctrl+Shift+Enter) after editing an array formula, the formula will be entered into each selected cell, but it will no longer be an array formula.
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Parallel connection of two power converters with a common load.
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What Is FireWire
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You can use the following formula to count the number of occurrences of a particular day of the week for a specified month. It assumes that cell A1 contains a date, and cell B1 contains a day number (1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday, etc.). The formula is an array formula, so you must enter it using Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
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date of the sale for capital gains.
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AP30B(d) (A): FSS Plan
connect to the Internet by two methods: dial up connection and leased lines.
Traffic Conditioner
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} // generate r-tree for (i = 0; i <= jmax+1; i++) { for (j = i; j >= -i; j--) { r[i][j] = j*dr; } } // initialize Q[0][0] = 1.0; B[0] = 1.0; alpha[0] = inityield; // log(r1[0]); // calculate bond prices based on initial term structure for (i = 0; i <= N; i++) { B[i+1] = exp(-zero[i]*(i+1)*dt); } // second stage of HW procedure for (jmax = 0; jmax < N; jmax++) { // reinitialize values for next iteration i = jmax; sum = 0; error = 0.10; Q[0][0] = 1.0; // determine Q[i][j] for i = m+1 if (i == 1) { Q[1][1] = Q[0][0]*pu1[0][0]*d[0][0]; Q[1][0] = Q[0][0]*pm1[0][0]*d[0][0]; Q[1][-1] = Q[0][0]*pd1[0][0]*d[0][0]; } else if (i == 2) {
Other UNIX-like operating systems might use gzip or another program called compress, which uses a different version of the Lempel-Ziv coding and is generally used with the tar command for archiving data. The gzip command can compress (ASCII) files by as much as 80 percent. By default, gzip names the compressed file with the original filename but appends .gz to the end of the filename to indicate that it is a compressed
Transaction Contribute Contribute Withdraw Withdraw Before Asset Value Goes Up Goes Down Goes Up Goes Down Effect on Performance Positive Negative Negative Positive
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