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real-time, 65 67 tolerant, 67 approaches to: class-based packet processing, 76 flow-based IP processing, 75 76 summary of, 141 142 token bucket, 76 78 business models, 201 202 charges and, 144, 158, 160 161 controls: congestion, 89 95 importance of, 78 79 overdimensioning, 79 80 defined, 64 differentiated services (DiffServ) architecture, 114 124 eCommerce standards, 18 enforcement of, 78 IETF strategies and initiatives: basics of, 95 96 goals, 95 integrated service architecture, 96 97 multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), 124 141 overview, 95 resource reservation protocol (RSVP), 100 110 services, 97 100 implementation, 64 65 IP context and, 58 64 multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), 124 131, 136, 138 140 packet conditioning, 80 84 parameters: bandwidth, 67 69 jitter, 67, 73 latency, 67, 69 72 packet loss, 67, 74 reliability, 67, 74 pricing models and, 179 180, 183, 186 187 queue scheduling, 80, 84 89 scheduling approaches, generally, 89 significance of, generally, 8, 10 12, 58 59, 61 64 switched networks, 59 61 Quasi-optical approach, 301 Query/Response, business application contracts, 51 Queue management techniques, see Congestion control; Queue scheduling flow switching and, 326 importance of, 65. See also Congestion control overflow, 81 Queue scheduling: class-based queuing (CBQ), 89 deficit round-robin (DRR) queuing, 89 distributed weighted-fair queuing (DWFQ), 89 EF PHB, 120 first-in first-out (FIFO), 84 85, 91, 168 priority queuing (PQ), 85 86, 120 121 round-robin (RR) queuing, 86 significance of, 80, 84
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It is evident in the T-s diagram of Figure 2.8 that the ideal Rankine cycle is less ef cient than a Carnot cycle for the same maximum and minimum temperatures. The Rankine cycle work is represented by the area 2 a 3 4 1 2, which is less than the Carnot cycle work represented by the area 2 b 3 4 1 2. Figure 2.9 illustrates a typical superheated Rankine cycle, the following path describing the cycle:  1 2: Pump (q 0); isentropic compression (pump) Wpump h2 h1 V p2 p1  2 3: Boiler (W 0); isobaric heat supply (boiler) Qin h3 h2  3 4: Turbine (q 0); isentropic expansion (steam turbine) Wout h3 h4  4 1: Condenser (W 0); isobaric heat rejection (condenser) Qout h4 h1 By increasing the steam temperature, point 3 is shifted up and the dry saturated steam from the boiler is passed through a second bank of smaller-bore tubes within the boiler until the steam reaches the required temperature. Increasing the steam temperature increases the cycle ef ciency and reduces the moisture content at the turbine exhaust end; sometimes two stages of reheating are connected in tandem. Three ways to improve the thermal ef ciency are depicted in Figure 2.10.
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Jetty is the primary servlet engine distributed with the jBoss project and is one of the most popular servlet engines around. Jetty is small enough to be used for embedded systems or to be included as a part of another software package. Don t let its size fool you, however, Jetty s performance compares with the best of them. The following table gives a summary of Jetty.
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example, a nontextured appearance such as the rst two shown in Fig. 1.3 prevents the use of local keypoints or texture templates, whereas it makes it possible to use global statistics of color and edges.
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You can choose to add kernel parameters (which may be needed if your computer can t detect certain hardware). If some piece of hardware is improperly detected and preventing your computer from booting, you can add a kernel parameter to disable that hardware (for example, add nousb, noscsi, nopcmcia, or noagp). You can select to use linear mode (which was once required to boot from a partition on the disk that is above cylinder 1,024 but is now rarely needed). 13. Configure networking. At this point, you are asked to configure your networking. This applies only to configuring a local area network. If you will use only dial-up networking, skip this section by clicking Next. If your computer is not yet connected to a LAN, you should skip this section. Network address information is assigned to your computer in two basic ways: statically (you type it) or dynamically (a DHCP server provides that information from the network at boot time). One Network Device appears for each network card you have installed on your computer. The first Ethernet interface is eth0, the second is eth1, and so on. Repeat the setup for each card by selecting each card and clicking Edit. With the Edit Interface eth0 dialog box displayed, add the following:
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Hierarchical VPLS (H-VPLS) is a scheme that was devised in order to address a significant limitation of the LDP-based signaling scheme, the fact that a full-mesh of LDP sessions is required between PE routers. In all but the very smallest of deployments, the requirement for a full mesh is a burdensome administrative overhead. The H-VPLS scheme removes this restriction, although, as we shall see, at the expense of introducing other issues. As discussed at the end of this section, H-VPLS also gives some bandwidth efficiency improvement when dealing with multicast or broadcast traffic. In the H-VPLS scheme, instead of a PE being fully meshed with LDP sessions, a two-level hierarchy is created involving hub PEs and spoke PEs . The hub PEs are fully meshed with LDP sessions. Attached to each hub PE are multiple spoke PEs. The spoke PEs are connected to the hub PEs via pseudowires, one per VPLS instance. From the point of view of a spoke PE, it has local ports and a pseudowire uplink port, leading to the parent hub PE. The spoke PE performs flooding and learning operations in the same way as a normal VPLS PE. However, the spoke PEs are not required to be fully meshed with LDP sessions. Let us look at Figure 11.7 in order to examine this scheme. Let us suppose that all the PEs in the diagram provide a VPLS service, but the service provider wants to avoid the operational overhead of configuring a full mesh of LDP sessions and of adding to that mesh as more PEs are deployed in the future. The service provider could instead choose to implement an H-VPLS scheme by designating P1, P2, P3 and P4 as hub PEs and the PEs PE1 to PE13 as spoke PEs. Rather than having to fully mesh PE1 to PE13, as would be the case without H-VPLS, only P1, P2, P3 and P4 are fully meshed with LDP sessions in order to exchange pseudowire labels. In addition, there is an LDP session between each hub PE and each of its satellite spoke PEs. A pseudowire is created between each hub PE and each spoke PE for each VPLS instance (i.e. for each VPLS customer attached to the spoke PE).
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// constructor FiniteDifferenceStepConditionOption(Option::Type type, double underlying, double strike, double dividendYield, Rate riskFreeRate, Time residualTime, double volatility, int timeSteps, int gridPoints); void calculate() const; virtual void initializeStepCondition() const = 0; mutable Handle<FiniteDifferences::StandardStepCondition > stepCondition_; int timeSteps_;
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