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In this chapter, we have discussed how to employ JAXM-based XML messaging solutions for enabling Java Web services. We noted that JAXM provides a reliable means of XML-based communication between applications supporting industry standard messaging protocols. In general, we covered the role of JAXM in Web service, JAXM APIs and the programming model, and developing JAXM-based Web services applications. In the next chapter, we will discuss how to develop Web services applications with remote procedural calls using JAX-RPC.
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In the previous chapter, we discussed point-to-point Layer 2 transport over an MPLS network. We discussed how the Ethernet case is especially attractive to enterprise customers as it is a natural extension of the technology already used on their own sites. In this chapter, we describe how to take this integration one step further, by enabling the service provider s network to appear as a LAN to the end-user. This scheme is called the Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS).
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class COMStringServer: _reg_clsid_= {BD055A03-EC10-4919-9F65-FDE57A840D1A} _reg_progid_= COMSTRINGSERVER _public_methods_=[ letters , words ]
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Implied Volatility Surfaces
Counting and Summing Filtered Data
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Replace the dialing of phone numbers or the typing of URIs with a single click on the icon of the buddy (a frequently called party). The icon can replace numerous phone numbers and URIs for all the devices and network services the called party may have, since the Address of Record (AOR) in the SIP registrar can resolve the AOR to many Contact addresses. Using the presence icon, we can determine if the desired party is available on line, is in a good mood, is busy, is in a place where he or she must be quiet (in a meeting), and so on.
After the Default Context has been created, we need to add the DataSource to it. Use the Navigation tree on the left to navigate to the Default Context node that we just created, and open it and the Resources node below it. A node for Data Sources should appear below the Resources node. Select the Data Sources node. The Action menu on the right should now have an option to create a new DataSource. Selecting this option presents us the screen shown in Figure 8.9. Use the values from Tables 8.4 and 8.5 to fill in the form. The other fields can be left at their default values. After the form has been completed, click the Save button and then restart Tomcat.
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