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Epothilone A, 2 3 semisynthetic derivatives of, 15 syntheses of, 3 tubulin-bound conformation of, 25 trans-Epothilone A scaffold of, 17 stereoselective synthesis of, 16 17 Epothilone analogs, 9 25 C-26-modi ed, 17 18 C12/C13-modi ed, 15 in clinical development, 26 27 improved, 28 in vivo pharmacological properties of, 11 12 lactam-based, 9 10 polar, 24 Epothilone B, 2 3 biological effects of, 4 9 clinical trials with, 26 27 effects in non-small cell lung cancer cells, 6 in vitro activity of, 4 8 in vivo antitumor activity of, 8 9 treatment of human cancer cells with, 5 Epothilone C, 13 Epothilone D, 7, 13, 28 molecular structures of C-26-modi ed analogs of, 17 phase I clinical studies with, 27 reduced antiproliferative activity of, 14 stability of, 9 10 toxicity and ef cacy of, 14 Epothilone pharmacophore model, 10 11 Epothilones, 2 bioactive conformation of, 12, 25, 26 C9 C12 region modi cations in, 10 13 C12/C13 trans-analogs of, 16 chemistry and biology of, 1 28 cyclopropane- and aziridine-based analogs of, 14 effects on microtubule bundling, 5 growth inhibitory effect of, 5 heterocycle modi cations in, 19 modi cations in, 22 oxirane ring system in, 14 pharmacophore for, 107 structure activity relationship of, 3 4 thiazole moiety position in, 25 Epothilone structure, side-chain modi cations in, 18 22 30 -Epoxide, 111 Epoxide moiety, modi cations of, 13 17 11,12-Epoxy-13-hydroxycembrene A, total synthesis of, 281 Epoxy-bridged cembranoid diterpene, 261 3,4-Epoxycembrene A, total synthesis of, 281
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Arithmetic Mean Return
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LIBOR Market Models
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Ultimately, if the team is experienced with a product or more comfortable with one product over another, defer to the team. They will have to use the product. If there is no team experience, then look for organizational experience. If there are others within the organization who have used the product, they may be able to lend a hand during the learning curve.
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Adding firewall rules results in rules being added to the /etc/sysconfig/iptables file. The rules are run from the /etc/init.d/iptables startup script when you boot your system. To make permanent changes to your firewall rules and to SELinux features, you can use the Security Level Configuration window (run system-config-securitylevel).
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1. Open HTML file different_css.html in Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape browser 6.x. When this file is loaded in Internet Explorer 5.x, the customer will see a default style on the Web page. There are two buttons at the bottom of the page. One of the buttons is labeled Corporate, and the other button is labeled Informal. When the customer clicks Corporate, the style on the page should change. This style consists of more gray shades. When the customer clicks Informal, the style of the Web page should change again. This time, it should have a style with multiple colors and the Web page should look more decorated. When the same HTML file is loaded in Netscape Navigator 6.x, the first style sheet is applied on the Web page. The remaining functions remain the same with Netscape Navigator 6.x. 2. Open the HTML file Assign Css.html in Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape Navigator 6.x. After the file is loaded in the browser, the customer should see the styles applied by using style sheets at different levels. 3. Open the Content_change.html file in Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape Navigator 6.x. When this file is loaded in the browser, the customer will see a navigation bar on the left hand side. When the customer clicks any of the links on the navigation bar, the description for that link is made visible in a <division> tag in the center of the page. This description changes as the customer clicks different links. This demonstrates dynamic content on a loaded Web page. 4. Open the animation_sample.html file in Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape Navigator 6.x. When this file is loaded in the browser, the customer will see a page from the Web site of Web Shoppe. On this page, the customer will see images for different products that have been sold online. When the cursor points to one of the product images, a description of the product slides out from behind the product image. When the customer points away from the image, the description should be hidden. This process should occur for all the product images.
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A reader of the first edition of this book pointed out another way to approach this problem without using a circular reference. Use the following formula to calculate the Net_Profit cell:
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>>> listvar=[ abcd ,123,2.23, efgh ] >>> listvar.append(45) >>> listvar [ abcd , 123, 2.23, efgh , 45] >>> listvar.remove(2.23) >>> listvar [ abcd , 123, efgh , 45] >>> listvar.insert(4, elite ) >>> listvar [ abcd , 123, efgh , 45, elite ] >>> listvar.insert(1, elite )
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Error correction
Scheme 9-3. Synthetic route to 3-substituted DCK analogs (95 99).
PLL error voltage
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