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suitability for ac and dc loads through power electronic ac switches, and an absence of switching surges. Its disadvantages are the electromagnetic interference, power switching complications for power above 50 kW, use of lters, noise, the short life span without maintenance, moderated costs, and needs for quali ed servicing. An example of secondary loads using the additive 2n rule is the rural irrigation of plantations where water pumps of different sizes, such as 1, 2, 4, and 8 kW, could be used. Therefore, they could be programmed to be activated or deactivated whenever the turbine speed surpasses certain limits of control. Steps of 1-kW power will limit the speed within a reasonable range. An example of the 3n rule is the voltage control of large loads that are too sensitive to power changes. 10.10 ECONOMIC ASPECTS
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Column C shows the predicted y values for each value of x, using the calculated values for b and the three c coefficients. For example, the formula in cell C2 is:
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The tandem peroxy, ketal, acetal, and lactone groups in the qinghaosu molecule are all reducible under different reaction conditions, but the two sides, peroxy group or lactone, will be reduced at rst. The peroxy group can be reduced by hydrogenation in the presence of palladium/charcoal to afford a dihydroxy intermediate that in turn will convert into a stable product, deoxyqinghaosu (14), under stand or by treatment with catalytic amount of acid.26 14 also can be obtained by reduction with zinc dust acetic acid.95 The inactivity of deoxyqinghaosu indicates that the peroxy group is a principle segment for antimalaria.96,97 Recently, it was found that the above-mentioned qualitative analysis for the peroxy group converts qinghaosu to deoxyqinghaosu too, but the conversion is only 27%. Bromide, unlike iodide, could not reduce qinghaosu under the same reaction condition. The reaction of triphenyl phosphine with qinghaosu used for the quantitative analysis of peroxy group is complicated; however, deoxyqinghaosu still can be separated from the product mixture in 23% yield.98 The electrochemical reduction of qinghaosu has been reported recently from several research groups, and a two-electron unreversible reduction process was observed.99 104 Deoxyqinghaosu (14) was found to be the only product when we repeated this slow electrochemical reduction (Scheme 5-1).98 Another important reaction of the peroxy group is the single-electron reduction with ferrous ion, copper(I) ion, and so on which is related to the antimalarial mechanism and will be discussed in a later section of this chapter in detail. The lactone of qinghaosu could be reduced with mild hydride-reducing agents, such as sodium borohydride, potassium borohydride, and lithium borohydride to lactol, dihydroqinghaosu or reduced qinghaosu (98) in over 90% yield.26 It is a novel reduction, because normal lactone could not be reduced with sodium borohydride under the same reaction condition (0 5 C, in methanol). It was surprising to nd that the lactone was reduced, but that the peroxy group survived. However, the lactone of deoxyqinghaosu (14) resisted reduction with sodium borohydride and could only be reduced with isobutyl aluminium hydride to the lactol, deoxydihydroqinghaosu (99),105 which was identi ed with the product from hydrogenation of 98 (Scheme 5-2). These results show that the peroxy group assists the reduction of lactone with sodium borohydride to a lactol, but not to the over reduction product alcohol. No clear explanation for this reduction process exists. The easy availability of
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The other thing is that we are instructing XDoclet to only work on certain files. The lines to note are bolded and appear immediately below comments that read:
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The growth of SIP-related standards in the IETF is illustrated and discussed in 21, Conclusions and Future Directions.
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Figure 5.2 Range of IP and Internet services
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CHAPTER 7 Earth segment Pst: additional noise power when the antenna is in exact alignment with the radio star
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The -public option advertises your server to the Internet and identifies the one-line message that will be displayed from the BZFlag list server that is queried by BZFlag clients. The -publicaddr option is used to indicate the public address of the server (which may be different than the host name your computer might give by default). The name must be a valid, public Internet domain name system name.
Part II
for which more favourable orbits are around 9 000 km and worst orbits are around 18 000 km (see Figure 6.5).
5. Configure the package to compile. Use the following commands:
For Netscape Navigator, the syntax would be:
The Linux shell is the most basic way of working with a Linux system. While not every Linux system offers a graphical interface, they all offer a shell interface. Once you learn to run commands, get around the file system, and deal with administrative tasks from the shell, you have skills that are useful for any Linux and UNIX system that you encounter.
modinfo command. Here s an example: # /sbin/modinfo snd filename: /lib/modules/2.6.10-1.737_ FC3/kernel/sound/core/snd.ko author: Jaroslav Kysela <> description: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture driver for soundcards. license: GPL parm: major:Major # for sound driver. parm: cards_limit:Count of auto-loadable soundcards. alias: char-major-116-* alias: char-major-116-* vermagic: 2.6.10-1.737_FC3 686 REGPARM 4KSTACKS gcc-3.4 depends: soundcore srcversion: 31957A6940EB9CDD5702831 The amount of information included with loadable modules varies a great deal. Look for parm lines that indicate parameters you can add to the driver to tune how it behaves.
A common use of a lookup table is to assign letter grades for test scores. Figure 8-10 shows a worksheet with student test scores. The range E2:F6 (named GradeList) displays a lookup table used to assign a letter grade to a test score.
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