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Figure 5.6 Variables with high squared correlation coef cients
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Developing Microsoft .NET Client for Web Services
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N Unlike some other spreadsheets (such as 1-2-3), Excel doesn t have logical
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Heating a volume of water demands temperature elevation (i.e., an increase in energy). For domestic purposes, that amount of energy is linked to the individual habits of each occupant of a residence. Recorded data show that, on average, each
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Ramesh Nagappan
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BGP/MPLS IP VPNs, referred to in short as MPLS L3 VPNs or simply L3 VPNs throughout this book, are one of the most widely deployed applications enabled by MPLS. When talking about MPLS, it is not fast reroute or traffic engineering that springs to mind, but rather VPN support. In fact, traffic engineering and fast reroute are most often thought about in terms of the benefits that they can provide in the context of a particular service. Perhaps the most popular service is provider-provisioned IP VPNs and the L3 VPN solution described in this chapter is the way this service is realized in MPLS networks. For many providers, L3VPNs is the major and sometimes the only driver for deploying MPLS in the network. VPNs existed long before MPLS. The success of L3 BGP/MPLS VPNs is owed to the scaling and simplicity advantages that the combination of BGP and MPLS brings to VPN scenarios. The L3 BGP/MPLS VPN solution was extended to the Layer 2 space as well, as we will see in the chapters discussing Layer 2 Transport and VPLS (s 10 and 11).
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/server. This is where all the server stuff resides. There are three subdirectories under server directory, which correspond to various service level configurations for the JBoss server: /default. Includes the standard J2EE environment for a standalone server. /minimal. This minimal environment is pretty much useless for our purposes, because it doesn t even start up the EJB services. /all. Contains everything in default, plus RMI/IIOP and clustering. We will be sticking with the default service configuration for the purposes of this book.
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Equivalent Excel Function
The Net_Profit cell (B4) contains the following formula:
Q: The same thing happened to them, didn t it The telephone companies automated the switchboards, and even the best operators were no longer necessary. A: That s right, of course. Even the best operators. Because, you see, manual expertise doesn t matter if, over time, the technology has become more sophisticated, multifunctional, more useful. In both cases, it was simply a matter of time until telephone and elevator manufacturers recognized the repeated actions, found ways to accomplish the task electronically, sequenced in proper order, and built the actions into an advanced product. Q: And that s the story behind Virtualization A: I think so. The manual tasks, the way we used to manage our computers, are becoming inexpensively automated. Now layers of software are capable not only of completing most of the tasks I used to do by hand, but also doing them in a coordinated fashion. Even the best system administrators even the best just aren t needed to do their old jobs any more. We re like the old elevator operators, or phone operators. The industry is moving past us, and I think we re on the verge of becoming obsolete. It doesn t matter if I can manage dozens of servers and databases without any problems; that was heroic five years ago, but now we re at a stage in our industry where thousands of servers can be managed with only modest problems. Q: And what do you imagine became of that old elevator operator who was such a nice guy, liked by everyone, and one day, he wasn t there anymore A: I don t know. I m not a fiction writer. But I can imagine lots of different stories: in one, he becomes an alcoholic; in another, he learns a new trade; in a third, he finds a job in a company that isn t making advances and still does things the Old Way. Somehow, he had to change, or just kill himself. Q: That sounds a bit ominous. So tell me what you plan to do, and how I can help. A: I think I need to find work where my contributions can be appreciated; that s all, a place where IT still means something.
1.6.6 Software
a period (.), an exclamation mark (!), or a bracket ([ or ]), those characters will be changed to an underscore character (_) in the column heading. This does not happen if the same data is used as a row heading. This behavior is by design, as the naming conventions for field names in Access prohibit use of these characters.
SUMMARY Executives and practitioners are challenged with the need to meet operational requirements of the business, including successful achievement of profit targets and positive delivery of services. This effort may be supported or hindered based on the organization s approach to regulations, vendor requirements, and pure operational improvements. This procession of adoption is impacted by the confusion that exists regarding standards, frameworks, and best practices. By using trusted business processes and verifiable controls available through standards and publications and adopting them to their own needs and style, organizations will realize the benefits of a return on investment while satisfying compulsory requirements. ENDNOTES 1. Craig S. Lerner and Moin A. Yahya, Left Behind after SarbanesOxley, American Criminal Law Review (in press). URL: http://papers.ssrn .com/sol3/papers.cfm abstract_id=981064.
Vasicek Model
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Figure 3.6 Pixel-level likelihood. Left: residual image for a given pose hypothesis; right: plot of the likelihood for different values of horizontal and vertical translation.
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