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The starting point for any cluster analysis is the data table or data matrix. For example, suppose a retail company has gathered information about its customers, such as addresses, income, occupations, and so on, along with information concerning the categories of purchases made by those customers throughout the year. Table 3.3 illustrates ve customer entries. Because cluster analysis can only operate on numerical data, any nonnumeric values in the data tables should be converted to numbers. Table 3.3 can be easily transformed into numeric values, as shown in Table 3.4. In this example, categorical elds with text entries were converted into dummy variables with values of zero or one, indicating the presence or absence of a speci c category. The geographic variable was converted to the variable urban, the variable employer was converted to the variables technology, services, and legal, and the variable gender was converted to the variable female. It is also common to normalize the data to standard ranges, such as between zero and one or using a z-score (the number of standard deviations above or below the mean), to ensure a variable is not considered more important as a consequence of the range on which it is measured. In Table 3.5 the variables income, age, children, electronics, groceries, and clothes have all been normalized such that all variables are in the range 0 1. After deciding which variables to use, a method for determining the distance must be selected. There are many methods to choose from such as the euclidean distance, the Manhatten distance, and so on. The choice is based on content, that is, which method appears to be the most appropriate to the observations being analyzed within the particular problem. Sections 3.2.2 3.2.4 describe different distance measures that are often used. Distance measures generally share certain properties. First, any distance measure between two observations is greater than or equal to zero. Second, the distance between observations A and B is the same as the distance between observations B and A. Third, if the distance is zero, there is no difference between the two observations, that is, the two observations have the same values for all variables. Finally, the distance between A and B (dA,B) satis es the following assumptions with respect to a third observation (C), based on the distance between A and C (dA,C) and the
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Lessons in Grid Computing
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// Value object representing the Buyer information public class POHeader { private private private private private private private private private private private private int poNumber; String poDate; String poBuyerNo; String poBuyerName; String shipToAddressStreet; String shipToCity; String shipToState; String shipToZip; String shipToCountry; String paymentType; String paymentNumber; double totalPrice;
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5.15 APPLICATIONS FOR NETWORK MANAGEMENT The first version of SNMP did not offer any security services. All management information can be accessed from the management system with read and write permissions. There are no mechanisms for authentication; messages are passed in plaintext form, and there are no sequence numbers. While the so-called community string could be used to identify the origin of the message, this string was not encrypted. SNMP packets are transmitted in the clear, which allows traffic analysis. Furthermore, there is no control for the integrity of the information; because there are no sequence numbers, replay attacks could not be fended off. Thus, the only way to protect Version 1 SNMP packets is through the use of IPSec. Version 2 of SNMP allows confidentiality with DES as well as integrity verification through MD5. There is a mechanism for clock synchronization at both sides to prevent replay attacks. SNMPv2, however, does not provide a means for key distribution and management [108, pp. 285 286]. Version 3 of SNMP provides means for authentication, confidentiality, integrity verification, key management, access control, and clock synchronization. Authentication and integrity verification use the HMAC keyed-hashing algorithm, while confidentiality uses DES in the cipher block chaining (CBC) mode (see Appendix II). A secret is constructed for communication between an SNMP manager and each of the SNMP agents that it manages . This secret is based on a nonshared secret stored in the SNMP manager and each agent s unique identifier using a hashing function (MD5 or SHA-1). The shared secret is then manually loaded in the SNMP agent. From this secret, the authentication key, the encryption key, and the initialization vector of the encryption can be derived [109, 110, pp. 202 203]. The specifications include a way for updating the various keys. SNMPv3 also offers a method for access control [111].
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All of the examples in this section also appear on the companion CD-ROM.
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Contains signals for echo suppressor control Contains signals for echo suppressor control
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In Practice
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The getSignedInfoValidity() method checks for the validity of the <SignedInfo> element; getReferenceValidity() checks the
If you want a copy of the contents of the Tomcat webapps directory, then you should copy them into your new webapps directory. You may also need to change the ports that Tomcat uses so that your instance does not conflict with the core Tomcat installation. You can do this by editing the file conf/server.xml. Search for strings like port= and replace them with unique ports. If Tomcat is configured to listen on port 8009 for Apache, you can disable the connector by commenting out the element in server.xml. The other ports that you are likely to have to change are: 8080. 8443. 8009. 8005. The default connection port The port for SSL connections The port for connections to Apache The port used for stopping Tomcat
from Tkinter import * top = Tk() L1 = Label(top, text= User Name ), rely=0.0) E1 = Entry(top, bd =5), rely = 0.0) top.mainloop()
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You can also display the date, combined with text. The formula that follows, for example, displays text such as Today is Monday, April 9, 2001.
Don t forget to have a good heat sink to CPU thermal interface (with silicon compound), or the sink may actually feel cool to the touch while your CPU is actually burning up, as the heat never gets conducted away from the CPU into the heat sink!
We recommend readers interested in this topic check Web sources at the time of reading this book, since the Internet is a fast-changing environment. The introduction of IP TV may even further increase the usage on broadband access links for streaming video. Current measurements of P2P traffic and forecasts for streaming video indicate that voice traffic is (at present and will remain) a negligible component of the overall traffic. Management of VoIP traffic, therefore, makes no sense, except on bandwidth-starved portions of the Net or in private IP networks where bandwidth is a premium (such as on networks using satellite links for remote parts of the world, or for onboard networks of ships and airliners). The emergence of video such as IP TV on cable and DSL, as well as various video services in wireless networks, may change the mix of traffic types, but only in the sense that more and more bandwidth will be required, in comparison to voice. Voice will, thus, continue to be a beneficiary of the proliferation of broadband.
Let s consider an example that will show how differently a class will behave after the __init__() method is defined in it. For this, a new class, My_Init, needs to be created on the basis of My_Class used earlier. Let s create the My_Init class:
we can use Ito s lemma to generate the dynamics of the zero-coupon bond price P(t, T). From Ito: T d ln P(t , T ) = d f (t , u)du t
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