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content of 60 70% ginkgolides and bilobalide.40 Having the crude mixture of ginkgolides (and bilobalide), it is a challenge to isolate the individual ginkgolides. A simple improvement in separation has been achieved by van Beek and Lelyveld with silica gel impregnated with sodium acetate, which disrupts the internal hydrogen bonds between the hydroxyl groups.41 Because ginkgolides lack common chromophores, ultraviolet detection is not suitable and other detection methods such as refractive index (RI), evaporation light scattering detection (ELSD), and mass spectrometry (MS) have been used. Several recent reports use high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) MS to separate and quantify the content of ginkgolides and bilobalide, using either electrospray ionization (ESI)42 or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI).43,44 As an alternative to MS, ELSD has also been successfully applied to quantify ginkgolides and bilobalide in G. biloba extracts.45,46 7.1.3 Biosynthesis of Ginkgolides
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Copying Text from a Formula
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7.1 Configuration and general characteristics of earth stations
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# chsh root<Enter> Changing shell for root. Password: xxxxxxxx<Enter> New shell [/bin/bash]: /bin/tcsh<Enter> Shell changed
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Example 8.13 Applying grep to Fleas
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top refers to the window on which the label is to be displayed. text option is used to specify the text to be displayed in the label.
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Listing 4.39 Tomcat resource configuration (server.xml). (continued)
The output of this statement will be:
evaporator EE1 cooling QH
At this point, let s assume that the rozinante file, which is a quick summary profile of Don Quixote s faithful steed, has already been created. Sancho will use redirected input to tell the mail program to send the rozinante file as the letter to quixoted.
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Since is a diagonal matrix, then the columns of P are uncorrelated, then the variance of the mth principal component is m. Thus, the proportion of the total variation in X that is explained by the mth principal component is m/k where k is the sum of the eignvalues, the number of variables in the system. To see this, note that the sum of the eigenvalues is the trace of , the diagonal matrix of eigenvalues of V. However, the trace of equals the trace of V (since trace is invariant under similarity transforms), and because V has 1 s along its diagonal, the trace of V is the number of variables in the system,4 k. Thus, the proportion of variation explained by the rst n principal components is:
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