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Type man exports to see other options available to be set in the exports file for the NFS system.
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The earth segment of the SkyBridge system includes the gateways and the user terminals.
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Uniform Code Council User datagram protocol Unified Modeling Language UN/CEFACT modeling methodology Universal mobile telecommunication system United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business United Nations Economic Commission for Europe EDI standards developed and maintained by UN/CEFACT User network interface Uniform resource locator Unified TMN Requirements, Analysis, and Design Virtual circuits Virtual path identifier Vertical cavity surface emitting laser Very larger scale integration Voice over ATM Video-on-demand Voice over frame relay Voice over IP Virtual path identifier Virtual private networks World Wide Web Consortium Wide-area network Wavelength switched packet network Waveband cross-connect World Customs Organization Wavelength division multiplexing Workforce Management Coalition Wildcard filter Weighted fair queuing Wireless local loop Weighted RED Wavelength routing optical cross-connect Weighted round-robin Wavelength translating optical cross-connect World Trade Organization World Wide Web EDI standards developed and maintained by ASC X12 x-Doped fiber amplifier Extensible Markup Language: W3C recommended subset of SGML enabling the exchange of structured data over the WWW exclusive OR
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Example 5.5 Copying Files Recursively with cp -R
Position B
He said that a software engine like the one I built for the Cards could become a major product in a new market, Bob said, and he said this was how technologists could make millions of dollars, with the right investors, and the right executives. So, you re going to do it, right I mean, going to the ballpark every day is nice, Bobby, don t get me wrong . . . Sophia suddenly envisioned herself living a very different life as a married woman. But think what you could do, just think. Bob didn t like her sudden enthrallment. It was as if Sophia was a prism that had been slightly turned to show a flawed surface he had never seen before. They d always imagined a modest life together, kids growing up in neighborhoods known for their diversity, friends inviting them on rustic camping trips or weekends at the beach for the cost of the gasoline to get there. In a moment, and with a slight, almost unnoticeable adjustment of her tone, Sophia had illumined a different set of values. Let s change the subject, eh, Soph Nonetheless, Bob secretly observed a similar shift in himself, as if his own prism had turned by two degrees to reflect an angle of his face he d not seen in quite the same way. Ted Lattimore s enthusiastic vision of the entrepreneurial life, the Everest-like challenge to create something tangible, a company, from thin air, the potential to offer the entire industry a new way of designing software with the users foremost in mind all this was more than intriguing. Bob found himself distracted by the fantasy, more than he would have supposed, and even as they climbed into bed and pulled the immense quilt underneath their chins, he was imagining what it would feel like to be the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of a company listed in Fast Company s 100 Most Promising Startups. The next morning, after Sophia had gone back to her apartment, and before he was supposed to leave for the ballpark, Bob retrieved Ted Lattimore s business card from his wallet and called the cell phone number scribbled on the back. Ted answered on the second ring, and Bob could hear children laughing in the background. This is Bob Roberts, he said, we met yesterday at . . . Hello Bob, Ted exclaimed with the bountiful generosity of tone one reserves for child prodigies, first loves, and perhaps potential investment
6.6.1 Launching
You can use the formula that follows to remove three common titles (Mr., Ms., and Mrs.) from a name. For example, if cell A1 contains Mr. Fred Munster, the formula would return Fred Munster.
Listing 4.31 SOAP request message using SMTP.
(e) keep only the segments that fit the data well Q1 Q2 Q3
n x 2.56 Mbit/s m x 20.48 Mbit/s Frequency 44 14
Initially, the matrices are multiplied by taking the rst row of the rst matrix and multiplying it by the rst column of the second matrix. The value corresponding to this calculation is the rst element of the rst matrix s row multiplied by the rst element of the second matrix s column, added to the second element of the rst matrix s row multiplied by the second element of the second matrix s column, and so on. In this example, the rst row of P (2,6) is multiplied by the rst column of Q (4,6), resulting in a value 44 (2 4 6 6). This calculation is repeated for all combinations of rows from the rst matrix by columns of the second matrix, as illustrated in the following example: PQ 2 7 6 4 ! 4 6 1 3 2 5 ! !
ave you ever wondered how some photographers are able to consistently produce photos with such accurate color and exposure It s often because they use gray cards and color checkers. Knowing how to use these tools helps you take some of the guesswork out of capturing photos with great color and correct exposures every time.
Tomcat is a product of the Apache-Jakarta Project. The Tomcat servlet container also serves as the industry standard reference implementation of the servlet specification. This means that Tomcat is normally the most up-to-date container as far as the specifications go. In the past, this sometimes meant that performance took a back seat to specification compliance. Since the release of Tomcat 4, though, this has not been an issue. In our experience, Tomcat performs as well as any other servlet container in the market. The summary information for Tomcat is provided in the following table.
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