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Two examples of carrier recovery circuits are shown in Figure 4.2-16: a) The first circuit uses a frequency multiplication by four. At the multiplier output, an unmodulated carrier at four times the nominal IF is generated, since modulated phases which are an integral multiple of /2 are changed into multiples of 2 . This carrier is then filtered and the frequency of the filtered signal is divided again by four (by logic circuits). Filtering of the line may be done either by a passive LC filter or by a phase-locked loop (PLL). PLL is preferred for continuous mode carriers, because there is no phase shift of the output signal due to frequency drifts. Passive filters are often preferred for burst modulation (see b) The second circuit called a Costas loop (which is mainly used for continuous mode carriers) uses a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) at the nominal IF frequency and an appropriate control algorithm. If is a phase rotation applied at the demodulator input (or, in an equivalent way, between the VCO and the demodulator), it can easily be shown that the open-loop output of a circuit having the following algorithm is periodical with respect to , with a /2 period: X sgn (Y) Y sgn (X) (sgn is the algebraic sign) which makes it a convenient algorithm for use with QPSK. Another algorithm: sgn (X) sgn (Y) sgn (X + Y) sgn (X Y) is often preferred because it can be implemented using only logic circuits. A filtering bandwidth of 2/100 of the baud rate is sufficiently low to avoid any noticeable degradation of the bit error ratio due to jitter of the recovered carrier. When cycle-skipping of the recovered carrier is critical (ambiguity is removed by using known words as explained above), the relative bandwidth of filtering of the recovered carrier must be kept as low as 0.5/100. Automatic frequency tracking should be provided in the carrier recovery circuits in order to compensate for transmitting and receiving earth station equipment frequency drifts (especially due to local oscillators) and also satellite transponder frequency drifts (including Doppler effect).
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Worldwide, several scenarios share the goal of sustainability in general or in the energy eld. Thus, groundbreaking targets toward this goal are important for renewable energy and end-use energy ef ciency. Such targets can guide policymakers during decision making and send important signals to investors, entrepreneurs, and the public. Case studies have demonstrated how concrete targets can lead to increased impact in various elds. In the case of renewable energies, policymakers formulate concrete policies and support measures to foster their development. Investors develop related strategies and renewable businesses as targets convince them that their investment will yield the returns projected. Renewable power is available in many environmental energy ows, harnessed by a range of technologies. The parameters used to quantify and analyze these forms are listed in Table 1.4. A study by C. Kjaer [7,8] in the EU emphasizes 10 requirements for any community-wide mechanism to create a sound investment climate for renewables: 1. Compatibility with the polluter pays principle 2. High investor con dence
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package com.oldfriends.entity; import com.oldfriends.user.*; import java.rmi.RemoteException; import javax.ejb.*; public interface UserRemoteHome extends javax.ejb.EJBHome { public UserRemote create( String firstName, String lastName, String mi, String maidenName,
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TABLE 4.11 Building Different Models with All Combinations of Independent Variables
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For example, assume cell A1 contains the text Annual Profit Figures. The following formula searches for the word Profit, and replaces it with the word Loss :
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Column C shows the predicted y values for each value of x, using the calculated values for b and c. For example, the formula in cell C2 is:
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Elliptic variance
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Note that the formula doesn t check for a valid column number. In other words, if A1 contains a value less than 1 or greater than 256, the formula will still give an answer albeit a meaningless one. The following modified version includes an IF function to ensure a valid column:
Actually, the people side of her business was more difficult than the technology. She knew that if her direct reports stopped telling her what was on their minds, it would be a sign that she was becoming too removed. Deanna hoped she never became the kind of manager who refused to listen to the people around them. Your employees, the man said. They worked on two different elements of a system, is that correct he asked. She nodded. Well, he said, in the kind of matter-of-fact tone that is common when someone states a blatantly obvious truth, it seems fairly obvious to me that your computers won t talk if the people aren t talking. Now that, she said, I m going to write down. Deanna was writing this truth in the margins of the journal on her lap, next to Chen s description of husband-wife entities, when the man in the brown corduroy jacket said something even more useful. Pardon me for suggesting something about your work, he began, I usually bristle when someone in another discipline offers a suggestion to me that is often completely out of context. Please, go ahead. Well . . . if I were you, I d stop doing one-on-ones, and start doing one-on-twos. he said with the gentlest confidence she had ever witnessed.
Principal component analysis produces the same number of components as variables. However, each principal component accounts for a different amount of the variation in the data set. In fact, only a small number of principal components usually account for the majority of the variation in the data. The rst principal component accounts for the most variation in the data. The second principal component accounts for the second highest amount of variation in the data, and so on. Principal component analysis attempts to identify components that are independent of one another; that is, they are not correlated. The rst principal component accounts for the largest amount of variation in the data. The second principal component is not correlated to the rst; that is, it is orthogonal to the rst principal component as well as accounting for the second largest remaining variation in the data. The other principal components are generated using the same criteria.
FunctionName is the name of the appropriate message box function. ttitle is the text to be displayed in the title bar of a message box.
0 2 M M 0
#!/usr/local/bin/python import cgi print Content-Type: text/html\n dynhtml= <HTML><HEAD><TITLE> Personal Details</TITLE></HEAD> <BODY><H2>Personal details for: %s %s</H2> <p>Your date of birth is: <b>%s</b></p> <p>Your home address is: <b> %s </b></p> <p>Your home phone is: <b> %s </b></p> <p>Your e-mail address is: <b> %s </b></p> <p>You have opted for the <b>%s</b> course</p> </BODY></HTML> fs = cgi.FieldStorage() title = fs[ studtitle ].value name = fs[ studname ].value dob=fs[ studdob ].value add=fs[ studadd ].value phone=fs[ studphone ].value email=fs[ emailadd ].value course=fs[ studcourse ].value print dynhtml % (title,name,dob,add,phone,email,course)
$ cat filename | more<Enter>
Part I
quotation marks ( and ), and open or closed parentheses, ( and ). If you inadvertently include one of these characters, the shell s interpretation will be unreliable and inconsistent. Do not begin with a plus sign or a hyphen. You can use the plus sign ( + ) and hyphen ( - ) within a filename, but do not use them to begin the filename. Do not use command names. You should not name a file using a command name unless you are creating an executable program file. The inadvertent use of a command might wreak havoc in a file system. Other filename characteristics you should keep in mind are as follows: Filenames are case sensitive. Although potentially confusing, this requirement can result in increased flexibility. Filenames have a maximum length of 255 characters. Unlike some UNIX-based systems, Linux does not restrict filenames to 14 characters. We recommend, however, that you keep filenames to a reasonable length, such as 16 characters. Bear in mind that some applications work with only 8-dot-3 filenames (that is,, or eight-character filenames and three-character extensions), such as DOS filenames. To ensure compatibility with other environments if that is a concern consider restricting filename length and format. Some applications append their own extensions or suffixes (such as .tmp or .sam) to denote a specific file type, so your filename conventions might have to accommodate this practice. If the filename begins with a dot ( . ), the filename will be hidden from the standard ls commands. Linux/UNIX allows dots as legitimate filename characters as long as they are wholly contained within the filename. The system does not presume anything about the file based on the location of the dot. Some applications that run on Linux/UNIX, however, do not recognize the dot as part of the filename. Therefore, they might react unpredictably when faced with such names.
12: Discounting and Depreciation Financial Functions
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