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the formats include both date and time displays. Just select the desired format from the Type list and click OK.
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Figure 3-50: You have added your own custom fields to clean up the address block.
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GUI Programming with Tkinter
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The new company will be governed by a 15-member fiduciary Board of Directors comprising the Chief Executive Officer and 14 non-executive directors, three of which will represent developing countries.
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Performs a logical negation on an expression. Performs a logical conjunction on two expressions Performs a logical disjunction on two expressions Performs a logical exclusion on two expressions Performs a logical equivalence on two expressions Performs a logical implication on two expressions
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As you have noticed, in this book we have shortened these prompts to $ and #, respectively. On the other hand, the X Window System, as a shell, would present you with a GUI desktop image. What does a shell do It has three basic functions: a command interpreter, a job controller, and a comprehensive programming language. First, let s look at the shell as a command interpreter. When you present a command to the shell, it looks at the command name to see whether it matches an internal shell command that it can execute itself. It checks also to see whether the command is an alias for another command. If the command is not an internal command, nor an alias for an internal command, the shell searches the hard disk for the program corresponding to the command name. If it finds one, the shell executes the program and feeds it the arguments (if any) that accompanied the command name entry. What happens when the shell cannot locate a program It responds with an error message, such as
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Notice how we specified the files that compose our EJB and declared what type of EJB our Greeter EJB is. We also have declarative information about how the EJB should function namely that transactions should be managed by the container. There are many options available, and you should consult an EJB reference for all the details. Next, we need to write the EJB container-specific descriptor file. This declares things that are specific to JBoss such as where to bind our little EJB. This file is named jboss.xml. We ve kept it as minimal as possible, but there are also many options available here. Please consult the JBoss documentation for more details. Here are the contents of jboss.xml:
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divorce. The quiet nobility of Linwood s dedication to his father-in-law was not recognized by anyone of significance in Linwood s life, certainly not by the old man himself. I don t know him! the old man barked when the floor attendant sang out, Look who s here. Linwood nodded his thanks, and she left the two men to their checkers. I said I don t know him! he yelled as she closed the door. Don t you people care He could be here to rob me! The old man slumped between two pillows on his angled bed. I told you they treat me bad. Did you see that Did you see how she just ignored me Red or black, Pop I m not your Pop. Linwood opened the bedstand drawer. The red box of checkers was worn to a smooth cardboard gray at each corner from years of handling, and it slid open easily, as if it were eager to display the pieces inside. So, don t call me Pop, the old man said. Linwood nodded his agreement, arranged the checkers, and then swung the moving tabletop in front of the old man so he could reach the first row without lifting himself from the mattress. We can t play. There s a piece missing, look, the old man said, his pencil-thin finger pointing to an obviously empty space on the board. Can t play with a missing piece, can we Linwood reached into his pants pocket, as he always did on the evening visits, and produced the 1970 Kennedy half-dollar that served as their missing piece. The old man made his usual remarks about Joseph Kennedy s ruthlessness and John Kennedy s lack of discipline, followed by what a shame it was that the U.S. Treasury couldn t make a real coin anymore and had to resort to cheap, copper sandwich coins. Finally, the old man plopped it hard onto the surface of the foldout board and smoothed out the yellowing tape that kept the two pieces of the board connected. On that particular evening, Linwood s father-in-law was alert enough to win the first game legitimately. The old man tired by the middle of the second game, and they decided to call it a draw. Linwood realigned the checkers in the worn old box, pocketed the Kennedy half, and
Internet Communications Enabled by SIP
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Leveraging Macros in Excel and Access
CHAPTER 9 Frequency sharing, interference and coordination
Part III: Financial Formulas
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