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which will be zero when k < i. Pricing the swaption is done as follows. Like calibrating caplets with the model, we divide the time interval [0,T] into N small steps sr, r = 1, . . . , N, gen-
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where FV is the value at end of period, PV is the current value of the investment, R is the rate of per period interest, and N is the number of valuation periods. In return calculations, we calculate this rate R using observations of the beginning and ending market values. To calculate the MVE of an investment during a single period, we multiply the MVB by 1 plus the interest rate: Ending market value = Beginning market value ( 1 + Interest rate ) The difference between the start and end value is the income earned. In a Simple Interest scenario, the income earned is not reinvested to earn additional interest in the following periods. For example, if an MVB = $1000 is put to work for four months at an interest rate = 5% per month, we calculate an ending value of $1200: End value = Beginning value [ 1 + ( Rate in percent 100 ) # of time periods invested ] 1000 [ 1 + ( 0.05 4 ) ] = 1200 We use simple interest calculations if the investor withdraws the income earned at the end of each period. In this example, the total gain over the four months = $200. Divided by the $1000 invested gives a 20% return for the four-month period. This equals the monthly periodic dollar return multiplied by four. Compounding is the reinvestment of income to earn more income in subsequent periods. If the income and gains are retained within the investment vehicle or reinvested, they will accumulate and contribute to
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The IF function creates a new array that corresponds to the Data range. If the corresponding cell contains the maximum value in Data, then the array contains the row number; otherwise, it contains an empty string. The MIN function uses this new array as its second argument and returns the smallest value, which corresponds to the row number of the maximum value in Data. If the Data range contains more than one cell that has the maximum value, the row of the first maximum cell is returned. The following array formula is similar to the previous one, but it returns the actual cell address of the maximum value in the Data range. It uses the ADDRESS function, which takes two arguments: a row number and a column number.
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Rev.WRC-97 Resolution 215 of the RR identified the need to develop criteria for determining necessity to coordinate and calculation methods for determining the interference levels and the required protection ratios between networks in the MSS. Mutual interference between co-directional non-GSO MSS (FL)
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Table AIII.2 Comparison of Public Key Systems in Terms of Key Length in Bits for the Same Security Level [130] RSA 512 1024 2048 5120 21000 Elliptic Curve 106 160 211 320 600 Reduction Factor RSA/ECC 5:1 7: 1 10:1 16:1 35:1
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Qu = ^1(^12^12/^2 ~ ^21^11/^1)
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# chown chris:sales /home/chris/public_html # chmod 755 /home/chris/public_html
Principal Component Analysis
services will include integration with the World Wide Web or other databases of information. However, the first set of services implemented using SIP will be PSTN telephony features, which are used as examples throughout this chapter. Services can reside in a number of locations in SIP. For example, many services can reside exclusively in user agents, requiring no support or servers in the network. Intelligent phones such as those shown in Figure 2.6 can well support a variety of SIP services. Other services can reside in proxy or redirect servers. The following simple example illustrates the implementation options in SIP.
<persistence-type>Container</persistence-type> <prim-key-class>java.lang.String</prim-key-class> <reentrant>False</reentrant>
Diode limiter
World planisphere with a typical pattern showing the elevation angle of the line-of-sight from an earth surface point towards a GSO satellite
N The payment must be at least equal to a base percentage of the outstand-
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