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As stated earlier, a Web site needs to be interactive, and it should give a personal look and feel to each user visiting the site. To incorporate the functionality stated in the problem statement, where a user is greeted each time he or she visits the home page of Web Shoppe, the development team of Web Shoppe identified that they need to maintain the state information of the previous browser session when the user visited the site. To maintain the state information, the development team has identified cookies in JavaScript to be the best option since these don t need any server interaction. Before we delve into discussing the details of how Web Shoppe would incorporate such functionality, let us look at some basic concepts of cookies that would help you to understand how cookies are used in JavaScript. Cookie Basics Hidden form fields enable Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs to maintain state information about Web browsers. These fields are used in situations where the state information is to be maintained for a short time period. Let s go back to the example where a user fills out a series of forms. In such a situation, form information is maintained only for that browser session. When a user closes the browser, the information contained in a hidden form field is not available. Now, let s examine how a cookie is different from hidden form fields in maintaining the state information about browsers. Although a cookie mechanism is not a distinctive feature of Netscape, Internet Explorer, or JavaScript, it is a universal concept that enables the browser state related 216
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Clewlow and Strickland (1998a) suggest that a reasonable range of asset price values at the maturity of the option is three standard deviations either side of the
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Table 6.2 contains data on the BOL (beginning-of-life) mass, the EOL (end-of-life) primary power, the RF (radio frequency) power, the eclipse capacity and the design life of some communication satellites. The examples given in this table are concerned with the space segment payload for systems of the FSS such as: international systems: regional systems: national systems: INTELSAT-IVA, V, VI; ARABSAT, EUTELSAT I, TELECOM I; ANIK-C, SATCOM-V, SBS.
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Notice that pose measurements pk are assumed noise-free, whereas the only random variable here is the process noise.
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THIS APPENDIX CONTAINS A complete listing of Excel s worksheet functions. The functions are arranged alphabetically in tables by categories used by the Insert Function dialog box.
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VBA Programming Concepts
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Before running the script, she again displays the current shell s PID to demonstrate that it is different from the subshell in which the script will eventually execute:
Changing Open Source Code
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Figure 2.11 Graph of random numbers that encodes critical numbers with font size and texture
Figure AII.9
[1] Guidelines for Authors of Extensions to SIP by J. Rosenberg. Internet Draft, IETF, November 2002. [2] Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP/1.1 R. Fielding, et al. IETF RFC 2616, 1999. [3] Simple Mail Transfer Protocol by J. Postel. IETF RFC 821, 1982. [4] Session Timers in SIP by S. Donovan and J. Rosenberg. Internet Draft, IETF, February 2004. [5] The Internet Multimedia Conferencing Architecture by M. Handley, J. Crowcroft, C. Borman, and J. Ott. IETF Internet-Draft, Work in Progress, July 2000. [6] SIP: Session Initiation Protocol by J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, G. Camarillo, A. Johnston, J. Peterson, R. Sparks, M. Handley, and E. Schooler. RFC 3261, June 2002. [7] SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol by A. Johnston, 2nd Edition, Artech House: Boston, 2004. [8] RFC 1121: Requirements for Internet Hosts Communication Layers by R. Braden, IETF, 1989. [9] A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) by A. Gulbrandsen. IETF RFC 2782, 2000. [10] E.164 number and DNS, P. Faltstrom. IETF RFC 2916, 2000. [11] SCTP as a Transport for SIP by J. Rosenberg and H. Schulzrinne. IETF Internet-Draft, Work in Progress, November 2004. [12] SDP: Session Description Protocol by M. Handley and V. Jacobson. IETF RFC 2327, 1998. [13] Requirements for Session Description and Capability Negotiation by D. Kutscher, et al. IETF Internet Draft, Work in Progress. [14] The SIP INFO Method by S. Donovan. IETF RFC 2976, 2000. [15] The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Refer Method by R. Sparks. RFC 3515, April 2003.
Throughout this book, we will follow up with this example, wherever it makes sense. For now, however, we will limit our scope to just encrypting the XML document that is sent as an attachment to the SOAP request made by Web service FT_SubmitRequest_ACH_WS, which is hosted by American Bank. This SOAP request is received by FT_RequestReceiver_WS Web service, which is hosted by ACH. The XML document attached to this SOAP request, named transfer_details.xml, consists of information about the source and target bank accounts along with other transfer-related details. Listing 13.1 is a simple version of transfer_details.xml.
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