A quick view of the Google category Computers Software Databases Open Source reveals five potential candidates:
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The following function returns Excel s version number. For example, if you use Excel 2002, it returns the text string 10.0.
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Figure 17-19: The Options tab in the Add Trendline dialog box
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Therefore, if you know two sides of a right triangle, you can calculate the remaining side. The formula to calculate a right triangle s height (given the length of the hypotenuse and base) is shown below.
As you develop custom worksheet functions, you should understand a key point. A function procedure used in a worksheet formula must be passive. In other words, it can t change things in the worksheet. You may be tempted to try to write a custom worksheet function that changes the formatting of a cell. For example, you may find it useful to have a function that changes the color of text in a cell based on the cell s value. Try as you might, a function such as this is impossible to write everybody tries this, and no one succeeds. No matter what you do, the function always returns an error because the code attempts to change something on the worksheet. Remember that a function can return only a value. It can t perform actions with objects.
You can access the names of the car models in the array by using the following statements:
As explained above, the baseband data processing and terrestrial interfaces functions can be implemented almost entirely with digital hardware. The currently available FPGA technology permits a dramatic reduction of the amount of components while complying with the constraints of the different standards. The supervisory system of the equipment loads from memory the specific combination of gates and gate array cells suited for each application.
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<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Web Shoppe</TITLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var savedData="Name: "; var creditCard;
To sum the invoice amounts for all offices except Oregon, use this formula:
To compile and run the client, the jbossall-client.jar, log4j.jar, and simple-entity-ejb.jar files will be required. These .jar files contain classes that are referenced within the client. Here s the command for compiling the client in Windows:
The PTCM 8-PSK codes are interesting for satellite transmissions. For example, in the INTELSAT IDR service, a new coding system using the PTCM 2/3 8-PSK code concatenated with an ReedSolomon code is expected to improve the capacities up to 25%, based on the Standard A earth stations and INTELSAT VII space segment conditions. With the concatenation with an outer ReedSolomon code, the performance will be also largely improved over the QPSK with 3/4 punctured coding. A typical application is the satellite transmission of 139.236/155.52 Mbits/s PDH/SDH satellite interface equipment over 72 MHz transponder bandwidth. A 8-PSK trellis code of six dimension of rate 8/9 can be used as the inner code in a concatenated coding system with a Reed-Solomon outer code RS (255,239). Several such systems have been studied and tested, cf. [Ref. 21], [Ref. 22] and their cited references. Concatenated RS/PPTCM 8-PSK systems have been used also in high and variable bit-rate transmissions of HDTV signals by satellite channel [Ref. 23]. In general, for a spectral efficiency less than 3 and more than 2 bits/s/Hz, 8-PSK TCM schemes can be used. For more than 3 bits/s/Hz, trellis coded modulation schemes with QAM constellations should be considered. With increasing demand for higher bandwidth efficiency, the QAM trellis codes could find potential applications in HDTV satellite transmissions in the future. The difficulties of applying the trellis codes using QAM constellations to satellite communications is their nonconstant amplitude. More non-linear distortion occurs when passed through a non-linear amplifier such as an HPA. A precise amplitude control (AGC: automatic gain control) must be used at the receiver. A deep input back-off must be put in the HPA. However, the QAM trellis codes seem to be
APPENDIX 6.1 Examples of non-geostationary satellite systems
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