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Calibration in Practice
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The source code implementation for SubmitPOService.java is shown in Listing 4.50.
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If j is the undesired signal power, its spectral density is j/Wss and the total noise density is n0 = n0Th + j/Wss. Assuming that j/Wss is dominant against the thermal noise n0Th and s = eb Rb being the desired signal power, then the theoretical jamming margin is: mj = j/s = (Wss n0)/(eb Rb) = gp/(eb/n0) or, in dB: Mj = Gp (Eb/N0) L In the last expression, the term L is introduced as an implementation margin (about 1 to 3 dB) representing various losses (spreading and de-spreading, demodulation, etc.). This expression can also be seen as a rule-of-thumb value of the system capacity, i.e. of the number of users that can be accommodated (assuming that each user is received at the same level and that
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I tested Icecast and the other components in this project using Fedora Core 4, installed as described in Appendix C. When you do your Fedora Core install, be sure that the following packages are installed: libxml2 and libxml2-devel libxslt and libxslt-devel
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The following format string uses a different format, depending on the value in the cell. This format string essentially separates the numbers into three groups: less than or equal to 4, greater than or equal to 8, and other. Figure C-6 shows an example of this format string in use.
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Stepping through the Installation
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<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Web Shoppe </TITLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function checkValues(){ var logName; var logNameLength; var password; var passwordLength; logName=txtVisitorName.value; logNameLength=logName.length; while(logNameLength==0){ logName=prompt("Enter your User Id",""); txtVisitorName.value=logName; logNameLength=logName.length; } password=passVisitor.value; passwordLength=password.length; while(passwordLength==0){ password=prompt("Enter your Password",""); passVisitor.value=password; passwordLength=password.length; } S=new String(logName); document.write("<Font color = blue> <H2>Welcome to Web Shoppe: " +S.toUpperCase()+"</H2></Font><HR color = blue>"); currDate=new Date();
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INTELSAT-VI typical antenna pattern coverage (10R, 60 E)
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c) Double-frequency conversion (2nd type) LO: Local oscillator IFL: Inter-facility link *Values given as an example
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>>> round(67.5324) 68.0 >>> round(4.46,1) 4.5
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Lockdown Sentry
2 2 m = gx + gy
Storage systems
Lighting Digital Field Guide
Figure 7.19 Three-dimensional face tracking, integrating contour and template matching in cascade. (From [133].)
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