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Coloring Values
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Main Industry: Wireless Security Headquarters: Palo Alto, California Number of employees: 370 Sample team: Network Support Services By Dierdre James-Tolly, Vice President, Corporate Program Management Office There is a Silicon Valley myth, perhaps based in fact, that Webex Communications flagship product was, in the company s early days, merely an internal tool used by their professional services staff to communicate with each other, and it was only when the company was on the verge of dissolution, as they were determining their unique assets, that they identified the potential for their conferencing software just a small piece of custom software, an experiment in a remote corner of the company, unknown to the executives who thought that their company was supposed to be doing something else. It is not unusual to find fissures within the enterprise into which even the most critical business information can fall, and be lost. And contrary to what many in the software industry have been preaching for the past 20 years, the gaps (perhaps chasms) into which so much value falls are not closed up by the purchase of a new software application or a new repository. E-mail alone can be sufficient if the company s employees communicate thoroughly; however, millions of dollars of servers and software are insufficient if the employees do not talk to each other. This is the fourth company in which I have been responsible for program management. We are the small group of dedicated individuals solely responsible for ensuring coordination between/among the various functional groups, reinforcing governance procedures when there are disagreements and serving as the communications link between teams that otherwise would never speak to one another. (continued)
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the expression of standards in a form that ensures precise description of behaviour and semantics in a manner that allows for automated processing to occur, and the managed evolution of such standards in a way that enables dynamic introduction by the next generation of information systems. [1, Sec. 6.2]
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Basic Integration Techniques
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1. Download the Apache Axis toolkit (current release) from http://xml .apache.org/axis/. Unzip or untar the package to your local system directory (that is, d:\xml-axis) and set an environment variable as AXIS_HOME to its home directory. 2. Download Apache Tomcat 4.0.3 (or current release) from http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-tomcat-4.0/release/ and then install it to your local system directory (that is, d:\tomcat4) and set an environment variable as TOMCAT_HOME. After installation, start the Tomcat server and ensure that it is working by typing this http://localhost:8080/index.html in your browser. 3. Navigate to your Axis installation home directory and copy the Axis folder from AXIS_HOME\webapps\to TOMCAT_HOME\webapps\ in order to deploy the Axis libraries as an Axis servlet.
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where Ts is the symbol duration, and Ts = 2Tb, Tb is the bit duration. The MSK signal has a continuous phase that changes linearly with slopes /2Tb due to the baseband pulse shaping. There is no abrupt phase transition. Consequently, the MSK signal has less non-linear distortion over a 2 2 non-linear satellite channel. Since a(t), b(t) { 1}, and cos x + sin x = 1, the MSK signal has a constant envelope. The MSK system can be implemented in serial, instead of the parallel structure in Figures 4.2-1 and 4.2-2. The serial MSK (SMSK) can be more advantageous, for example, no I-Q balancing is needed [Ref. 6], [Ref. 7], [Ref. 8], [Ref. 5].
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Linux Documentation and Support
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When the placeOrder() method is called, the helper takes a PurchaseOrderDetails class as a parameter and creates a SOAP message from the information provided. The following is a snippet of code that creates the SOAP message. A detailed explanation is available in 9.
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Lessons in Grid Computing
The heyu command is capable of requesting any X10 command that the CM11A is capable of sending to X10 devices. These commands can incorporate any aliases you set, to act on the associated house code(s) or can simply use the house code directly. Here are some examples:
You may discover that Excel does not permit you to select an individual data series in a surface chart. Because of this, you cannot perform the types of formatting normally available in the Format Data Series dialog box. You can apply some types of formatting to a Surface chart, but Excel makes you jump through a few hoops to get to the proper dialog box Format Legend Key (see the accompanying figure). To get to this dialog box, make sure the Surface chart displays a legend. Then click the legend to select it and then click any legend key (a colored square to the left of the legend entry). Double-click the selected legend key and you ll get the Format Legend Key dialog box.
class MatrixUtil { public: /****************************************************************************** genCorrelatedDeviates : computes 4 correlated deviates for Monte Carlo simulation [in]: const SymmetricMatrix& R : (symmetric) correlation matrix double dt : time step size double z[] : array to store correlated deviates [out]: double z[] : array of correlated deviates ******************************************************************************/
>>> str= Python is an easy yet powerful programming language, \n which provides structure and support for large applications \n as well as the power and complexity of traditional high-level languages.
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