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subnet netmask { range; if substring (option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 9) = PXEClient { filename /lts/2.4.26-ltsp-2/pxelinux.0 ; # PXE NBP Boot Loader } else { filename /lts/vmlinuz-2.4.26-ltsp-2 ; # Etherboot kernel } }
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In the preceding code, add() is the calling function and sum() is the called function. The return value from the sum() function is stored in variable, addition. This value is then returned to the add function. Figure 5.3 displays the sum of two numbers that is returned by the sum() function to the add() function.
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Building the BDT Tree Calibrated to the Yield and Volatility Curve
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CHAPTER 6 Space segment
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Pattern Angle (degrees)
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Excel calculates immediately those formulas that depend on new or edited data.
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es T (t) 1 <t T (t) where : (0, Tn+1] [1, . . . , N + 1] is left-continuous. The forward LIBOR rate at time t over the accrual period [Ti, Ti+1], t Ti is Fi (t ) = 1 Bi (t ) 1 , i = 1, . . . , N Bi +1 (t ) (13.70)
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Having looked at the types of operators that JavaScript provides, let s now discuss each one of these in detail. Arithmetic operators are the most common operators since we use them in our daily life for performing mathematical calculations. Arithmetic operators are of two types: binary and unary. Binary operators operate on two operands (variable or literal). Let s first discuss the binary operators. Table 3.6 shows the arithmetic binary operators with examples used in JavaScript. Table 3.6: JavaScript Arithmetic Operators Operator Name Description 57 Example Return Value
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Lamp Color Description Incandescent tinted lamps Clear White Ivory Flame tint Rose Red Orange Yellow Green Blue 100 85 73 58 35 5 35 65 5 3 Light Output (%) Lamp Color Description Fluorescent Cool white Cool white deluxe Warm white Warm white deluxe Natural Lite white Daylight Daylight Deluxe RE-730 RE-735 RE-741 Incandescent sign lamps Clear White Ivory Flame tint Rose Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Lumiline lamps Clear White 100 85 100 85 73 58 35 5 35 65 5 3 RE-750 RE-830 RE-835 RE-841 RE-850 RE-930 RE-950 Chroma 50 Chroma 75 T8/ADV/830 T8/ADV/835 T8/ADV/841 T8/ADV/850 T12/ADV/830 T12/ADV/835 T12/ADV/841 T12/ADV/850 Blue Gold Red Pink Green Deep blue 258 100 72 102 72 69 104 85 76 93 93 93 90 98 98 98 97 66 66 72 66 105 105 105 105 118 118 118 118 39 79 6 45 160 17 Light Output (%)
5 Working with Flash
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4: Introducing Worksheet Functions
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