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Medicinal Chemistry of Bioactive Natural Products Edited by Xiao-Tian Liang and Wei-Shuo Fang Copyright # 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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man s central comparison between those who write software programs and those who write narrative prose was intriguing, a reinforcement of his own recognition of their similarities. In accordance with our central proposition, this chapter tonight s reading considers the energy of information exchange as well as its absence within the corporation. Yes, for the purposes of discussion, our case study is, indeed, a software engineering team at this very institution, and though our conclusions will apply to them, they can also be applied, with an open mind, to any organization in conflict. For those of you who do not have an engineering background and are not sitting next to a talkative engineer whom you could listen to (really, he or she will enjoy the fleeting moment of attention), for those of you interested in prose for the sake of prose yes, you three in the back row with black . . . god, everything s in black, look, even their fingernails, excellent. For you three, I will apologize for the absence of a Glossary to quickly locate definitions for those silly engineering acronyms (which became SEA, Silly Engineering Acronym) because it would be easier for you, I know, to keep up with this bloody reading if you could just check a definition or two. I can only offer, in compromise, that the book itself does indeed have a Glossary, my homage howsoever small to our nonengineering reading public who, bless them, may find characters and plot and moments of life that change, transforming them all. But for today, I will omit the definitions, if only to minimize the risk of losing the engineering audience s attention, engineers who would, as surely as they balance their checkbooks once a week, find the literary analogies flighty or tedious, so much so that we risk losing their attention. And as everyone knows who has ever spoken to an engineer, once you lose their attention, if only for a moment, you allow that purebred engineering mind to wander and then you have truly lost them, lost them to their more fascinating internal algorithms, those secret pockets with little pencil nubs and folded bits of paper scribbled with equations. The audience was amused by the speaker s overgeneralizations about two very different professions, but the Professor resisted the man s allure. He also recognized that professional pride might be at the root of his resistance. After all, he was preaching the Gospel according to Maimon.
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A tuple consists of a number of values separated by commas; however, unlike lists, tuples are enclosed within parentheses. Tuples are immutable data types. You can use indices or slices, though, to access the values in a tuple. In a dictionary, values are mapped according to keys. The key does not need to be a numeric value to index a data item; it can be any immutable data type, such as strings, numbers, or tuples. A tuple can be used as a key only if it does not contain any mutable object directly or indirectly. In other words, the Python dictionary is an unordered set of key:value pairs. Every programming language defines a set of rules to build variable names. Such names are called identifiers. Among all names allowed in Python, certain identifiers are reserved by the language and cannot be used as programmerdefined identifiers. These names are called keywords.
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a steep gradient along the maturity axis (the term structure) especially for at-themoney options. With this local volatility surface of the S&P 500 index, one can measure options market sentiment, to compute the evolution of standard options implied volatilities, to calculate the index exposure of standard index options, and to value and hedge exotic options.4
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In the preceding syntax, the METHOD attribute specifies the method of transmission to be used. You can use either the GET method or the POST method with the METHOD attribute. The ACTION attribute specifies the name of the file to which form data will be transmitted.
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The BDT tree construction was developed by Jamshidian (1991a) using a technique of forward induction. Jamshidian (1991a) shows that the level of the short rate at time t in the BDT model is given by: r(t) = U(t)e( (t)z(t)) (11.4)
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12.10 Adrienne Luba photographed in broad lighting. The main light illuminates the side of her face that is turned toward the camera. For this and all the following examples of Adrienne, a secondary light was added to separate the portrait from the background. Exposure: ISO 50, f/4, 1/100 second.
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Remote stations
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Web Server
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Enhanced Identity
While displaying an image from an album, you can request to see a lot of different kinds of information about the photo. If you are not used to working with digital images, you might not even know that information is in there. With an image displayed in Gallery, select Photo Properties from the header. A Photo Properties pop-up window appears, as shown in Figure 3-8.
You can, of course, use the TRANSPOSE function to transpose an array stored in a range. The following formula, for example, uses an array stored in A1:C4 (four rows, three columns). You can enter this array formula into a range that consists of three rows and four columns.
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