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Now, if you think that looks familiar, you're correct! This is exactly the same as the home interface declaration that was used for BMP entity beans. You should not expect any different! The whole idea behind home and remote interfaces is that you can change the bean implementation without client code ever knowing the difference even to the point of making a major functional change to the way data are stored. Surprise number one is out of the way, so what do you expect should happen for local and remote interfaces You think that we should just copy the BMP version, too Actually, in this case no. Why Here's a hint:
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A prescription for a healthy eating program
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Through its use of controlled fantasy, our brain escapes from the tyranny of our environment. From out of the Babel of the academic cocktail party I can pick out and follow the voice of the opinionated Professor of English. I can nd her face from among that sea of faces. Brain imaging studies show that when we choose to attend to faces there is an increase in neural activity in the face area of the brain even before the face appears in our visual eld. Even when I just imagine a face, there is an increase of activity in this area (see Figure p.8). This is the power of my brain s ability to create controlled fantasies. I can anticipate the appearance of a face. I can imagine a face when there is no face there at all.
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2 Heat the oil in a medium-sized frying pan over medium heat. Add the garlic and onion
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The phrase Wizard of Oz comes from the book and film of the same name. It refers to Dorothy s interaction with the wizard, but she learns that it is just a little man behind the screen. Similarly, the user is interacting with the user interface, but there is no computer system behind the UI - just a little man behind the screen. 4 Available for free from the University of Washington at http://dub.washington.edu/denim/.
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example, which have Color equaling red generate one subset and those not equaling red creating the other subset, that is, green, blue and black.  Ordinal: In the case where a variable s discrete values are ordered, the resulting subsets may be made up of more than one value, as long as the ordering is retained. For example, a variable Quality with possible values low, medium, high, and excellent may be split in four possible ways. For example, observations equaling low or medium in one subset and observations equaling high and excellent in another subset. Another example is where low values are in one set and medium, high, and excellent values are in the other set.  Continuous: For variables with continuous values to be split two-ways, a speci c cutoff value needs to be determined, where on one side of the split are values less than the cutoff and on the other side of the split are values greater than or equal to the cutoff. For example, a variable Weight which can take any value between 0 and 1,000 with a selected cutoff of 200. The rst subset would be those observations where the Weight is below 200 and the other subset would be those observations where the Weight is greater than or equal to 200. Figure 6.40 illustrates how the different variable types can be used as splitting criteria in a two-way split. A splitting criterion has two components: (1) the variable to split on and (2) values of the variable to split on. To determine the best split, all possible splits of all variables must be considered. Since it is necessary to rank the splits, a score should be calculated for each split. There are many ways to rank the split. The following describes two approaches for prioritizing splits, based on whether the response is categorical or continuous.
Figure 3.1 Hydrogen bonding of water molecules.
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