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Herschel has been described as deserting, but there is no evidence to suggest this. Once untangled from the military regime he was eager to get back to music. His time in England had been pleasant and he had picked up a good smattering of the language, so he joined his brother Jacob in a trip to London in 1757. It wasn t intended to be a permanent move, but Herschel could hardly have predicted what was to happen to him. Before long, Herschel s skills at the organ won him a post at Halifax in the north of England, but the job was not highly paid and he remained on the lookout for something more nancially rewarding. A position came up to play the organ at the Octagon Chapel in Bath, a city that was then at the height of its popularity. Herschel s talent and cosmopolitan social skills won him the job. When he wasn t playing, he took on private pupils and composed. As a successful musician in the most fashionable resort in the country, he was not short of money and increasingly had spare time in which to amuse himself. He took up astronomy. For many wealthy people of the period, astronomy was a casual interest, and this seems to have been the case originally with Herschel when he hired a small telescope and made occasional attempts to scan the heavens, but his real interest was sparked by the thought of making his own telescope, at about the time he moved to a larger house in Bath s elegant New King Street. Herschel had no experience of instrument making, but he had enthusiastic helpers in his sister Caroline (who was by now his caretaker) and his brother Alexander. The enthusiasm was needed. It was very
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One variation that you might be interested in applying here is a "find all" method that allows you to list the primary key of everyone in the database. This may or may not be convenient, depending on your application needs. The return type of finder methods is important. Because the container uses the return type to decide how to process the primary key, there are only certain classes you can use. For single object finders, such as findByPrimaryKey(), only the primary key type can be used. If you are writing a finder method that returns a number of primary keys, you have two options java.util.Collection or java.util.Enumeration. Ideally, you should only use Collection as the return type. Enumeration is only used if you need to provide backward compatibility with old JDK and J2EE specification servers. Considering that you will be using the features of EJB 2.0 and, by implication, J2SE 1.3, then this should not be an issue for you. Writing the create methods Enough discussion of method names! Time to move on to writing the body of the methods. First let's deal with the ejbCreate() methods. They define the sort of data you need to store internally as class variables. Note The EJB specification says that the internal variables of the class should not be initialized until after the ejbCreate() method has been called. Your code should only set the internal variables from information provided in the parameters to the ejbCreate() method. Any other internal state, you should only set as the result of the various business methods. The idea is that the bean user will then fill in the rest of the data that were not provided through the ejbCreate() through the various business methods. For example, if you only provide a user name for the customer, you should not provide a default address, but instead wait for the setAddress() business method to be called.
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When all else fails, throw hardware at the problem. Some problems are easily solved with bigger hardware. Some are only solved with more hardware or an expensive redesign. Throwing hardware at problems is a tried-and-true solution to many scaling problems.
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Anchored metal-containing polymers used for catalysis can have connectivity values as low as 1 with respect to the polymer chain as shown in Figure 1.1.
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8 A computer program using TD methodology can learn to play backgammon as well as the best human players can.
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>java cp JMSSubscribe2 TopicConnectionFactory topic/testTopic JMSSubscribe beginning ... press enter to exit. creating an instance of JMSSubscribe...
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Box plots (also called box-and-whisker plots) provide a succinct summary of the overall distribution for a variable. Five points are displayed: the lower extreme value, the lower quartile, the median, the upper quartile, the upper extreme and the mean, as shown in Figure 4.11. The values on the box plot are de ned as follows:  Lower extreme: The lowest value for the variable.  Lower quartile: The point below which 25% of all observations fall.  Median: The point below which 50% of all observations fall.  Upper quartile: The point below which 75% of all observations fall.  Upper extreme: The highest value for the variable.  Mean: The average value for the variable. Figure 4.12 provides an example of a box plot for one variable (MPG). The plot visually displays the lower (around 9) and upper (around 47) bounds of the variable.
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