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that promulgates worldwide standards in a variety of domains aiming at facilitating cross-border exchanges of goods, services and techniques. ISO 15022: An ISO standard that describes the syntax to be used for developing securities messages used mainly to support back office related transaction flows. It replaced the previous securities messaging standard ISO 7775. ISO 20022 RA: Registration Authority - offers the services described in an ISO standard on behalf of and under a contractual agreement with the International Organization for Standardization. ISO 20022 Repository: Repository maintained by the ISO 20022 RA which contains the financial business models, message definitions and components defined in compliance with the ISO 20022 standard. ISO 20022 RMG: Registration Management Group - in charge of the overall management of the ISO 20022 development and registration process in accordance with the ISO 20022 standard. ISO 20022 SEG: Standards Evaluation Groups -in charge of validating candidate ISO 20022 messages within the scope of the business justification and ensuring that they address the needs of their future international community of users. Message: A set of structured information exchanged between two parties involved in a financial transaction. Message component and element: A re-usable data structure used for assembling message definitions. The data defined in a message component is traced back to the business components and business elements. In simple terms, business components define the business meaning, message components create data structures for messaging. MI: Market Infrastructure - a system that provides services to the financial industry for trading, clearing and settlement, matching of financial transactions, and depository functions. Middleware: Software that enables data to be exchanged among different systems with standard communication components and tools for formatting, mapping, and processing.
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1. Fricton J. Myogenous temporomandibular disorders: Diagnostic and management considerations. Dent Clin North Am 2007 Jan;51(1):61 83. 2. American Academy of Orofacial Pain. de Leeuw R (ed). Orofacial Pain: Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis and Management, 4th ed. Chicago: Quintessence, 2008:158 159. 3. Wright EF. A simple questionnaire and clinical examination to help identify possible non-craniomandibular disorders that may in uence a patient s CMD symptoms. Cranio 1992;10(3):228 234. 4. Wright EF, Gullickson DC. Identifying acute pulpalgia as a factor in TMD pain. JADA 1996;127:773 780. 5. Wright EF, Des Rosier KE, Clark MK, Bifano SL. Identifying undiagnosed rheumatic disorders among patients with TMD. JADA 1997;128(6):738 744.
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r authentication and authorization; r anonymous, pseudonymous and verinymous identities; r privacy policy management; r pro le management; r rewalls and ltering of unwanted messages; r trust rating mechanisms; r privacy protective default settings.
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Group of six observations: Gray circles with thick borders.
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promised; as we all know, a big motivation for the drive into structured credit products was a desperate search for enhanced returns during a prolonged era of low of cial interest rates) originating mostly from the U.S.; second, they again assigned overoptimistic ratings to the CDOs of those RMBS, or CDOs of ABS (as in Asset-Backed Securities), in effect securitizations of securitizations, or re-securitizations. Ninety percent of the CDOs that were downgraded by the agencies in 2007 were CDOs of ABS. The performance has been so miserly that few players and observers may believe in ratings anymore (this is re ected, for instance, by behavior in the credit default swaps and bond markets with yield and spread levels totally at odds with what ratings purport to indicate). That is, the ratings-enabled crisis may have claimed the agencies themselves as victims. Another (quite high-pro le) casualty of the misplaced faith in quantitative nance. Let s delve a bit deeper into the disappointing performance of the agencies. For instance, in a report released in 2005 and 2006, Moody s showed that the performance of BBB-rated CDO tranches had not performed better than BB-rated ones. For humble nonconnoisseurs such charge may seem harmlessly innocuous, but in fact it is a big deal. Triple B is the last line of defense of the so-called investment grade world; anything less aristocratic (i.e., BB and lower) would belong to the much less digni ed, much more plebeian, much less illustrious speculative grade world (really just a better-sounding substitute for the more descriptively accurate junk ). Not being able to discriminate between, say, AAA and AA would be much milder in comparison. You have to be extra careful when you discriminate between BBB and BB, because the implications are particularly serious. When you say BBB you better mean it and you better make sure that the tools that allowed you to be so open-mouthed are notoriously sound, because a lot is on the line. You can hurt a lot of people if BBB and BB turn out to be the same thing. On the one hand, many investors are not allowed to invest in anything below investment grade, but if the BBB stuff ends up behaving like the BB stuff, the perceived agencies-provided security blanket would have been a complete farce. The investment may not have been categorized as junk, but it did behave as such. Secondly, capital charges can be determined by credit ratings and they can be especially taxing for those securities placed in junk territory; if the BB stuff turns out to act like the BBB stuff then plenty of people may rightly feel cheated and overcharged.
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1.0 4000 3000 2000 1600 (cm 1) 1200 800 400 Wavenumber
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