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A novel method of map matching using GPS has been developed which uses digital mapping and height data to augment point position computation. 5 describes the RRF in full detail. This Road Reduction Filter (RRF) method reduces the error in position, which is a sum from several sources, including signal delay due to the ionosphere and troposphere. The general approach adopted in the development of RRF for GPS receiver tracking is initially to identify all possible candidates for the correct road or path on which the receiver is travelling on, and then to systematically remove the wrong ones. All candidate road segment arcs are compared with the trajectory described by the uncorrected RAW GPS point positions. This comparison is based on the distance travelled and bearing of the RAW point positions compared with the corresponding positions on road centre-lines. Furthermore, height aiding (HA) is used in the position computation. HA uses height data, obtained from the DTMs. An enhancement to RRF, using a formal method of computing a map matched correction, is integrated into the Road Reduction Filter. The incorporation of this error vector into RRF is detailed in 6. This map-matched
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Regardless of what sort of environment you will be using that is accessing the beans, the basic procedure is the same and consists of the following steps: 1. Look up the bean's home interface. 2. Ask the home interface to create or find a particular bean. 3. Make calls of the bean. 4. Remove the reference, notifying the server of this so that it may reclaim the instance. Looking up a bean Finding a bean really starts with trying to find a bean's home interface. Remember that it is the home interface that enables you to create and manage bean instances. Locating the home interface is as simple as using your old friend JNDI to perform a lookup of the name you specified in the ejb name tag of the deployment descriptor. To look up the home interface, start with the normal JNDI InitialContext setup. After obtaining the context information, you need to perform the lookup. The name that you go looking for is not just the string from the ejb name tag, but must also have the prefix ejb/. Finally, as the lookup() method returns an Object, you will need to cast it to the necessary home interface. For example, to locate the home interface for the mailer session bean, you write the following code (ignoring exceptions):
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2.7 SSC = (275625.0+240100.0+334084.0+295936.0)/(3 3)-4566769.0/(3 3 4)) SSC = 127305.00-126854.69=450.31 SSR = (355216.0+528529.0+662596.0)/(4 3)-126854.69) SSR = 128861.75-126854.69=2007.06 SSCR = (23104+18496+25281+22201+31684+27225+37636+36100+ + 38025+35721+50625+42025)/3-127305.0-128861.75+126854.69 SSE=129995.00-126854.69=3140.31 SSCR = 62.27;
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Middleware for Scalable Data Dissemination
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Using this relation, one gets P(M > u, X(0) u) P(M > u + , X(0) u , E c ) + P(E) P(M > u, X (0) < u) + P(E)
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Sharing Minds How the Brain Creates Culture 173
Figure 21 4: IBM's Web Services Test Area Click GetWeatherService in the list in the left hand window, and you will see a table in the right hand window that gives details about the service, including access points for various protocol types and the location of the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) implementation files. You'll look a little more carefully at a WSDL file in the next section, but right now you may want to follow the link contained in the first WSDL file to the weather interface WSDL file at http://demo.alphaworks.ibm.com/browser/services/weather interface.wsdl. Figure 21 5 shows an excerpt from this file.
Order Service +placeOrder() +getOrderStatus() +cancelOrder()
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