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Biological Applications
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IPTV Security
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Concepts: All the categories discussed so far have represented mobile services driven by mainly consumer value propositions, so it is appropriate to dedicate one service category solely to enterprise data services. In practice, these services include all the Internet, corporate intranet and email access services as well as phone books and web services used for business connectivity. In addition to this horizontal access-based service offering, business data services will increasingly focus on deeper integration into vertical industries with solutions directed to increased process ef ciencies for e.g. eld force and sales force activities. For example, it will increase a plumber s ef ciency to check the repair history of a property via mobile at any place, so that he can anticipate any problem areas. Also the coordination of the work of eld engineers becomes easier if the system can track their locations at any time. Charging: In business data services, revenue generation typically comes either from the usage of the services over mobile or from the development and integration work of enterprise business systems. Like in any business, larger customers can negotiate better contracts and this also applies to horizontal connectivity services. Typically corporate customers also want to see a clear return on their investments when implementing corporate solutions, so particularly in the vertical solutions there is a need to demonstrate more tangible process-based savings than just saving time and increasing convenience. Cooperation: Access-based business data services centre around enterprise customers and their enterprise service providers, which can be mobile operators or independent service and application providers. To provide value for an enterprise beyond simple access to email or intranet requires a deep understanding of business processes, so the level of cooperation will be based on partnership and projects, and there is potential for value capture for new players from IT and consulting industries. Challenges: At the time of writing, it is unknown who will become a dominant player in this eld; all parties agree that the revenue potential from corporate solutions is signi cant. It will be dif cult to provide too many standard solutions in the vertical industry area, and there is a lot of development and integration work required, so one challenge is to form either winning partnerships or develop a lot
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Chasing the Crooks
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Although JSP has contributed to freeing designers from becoming involved in the intricacies of programming constructs, developers still need to be involved in writing lengthy and complex code. Generally, some sections of the code are repetitive and require rewriting. An ideal situation under such circumstances would be to use a technique or mechanism to encapsulate and simplify such tedious and recurring tasks. Man is empowered with intellectual superiority and has forever been searching for innovative ways to simplify tasks. For example, today, we cannot imagine beginning a day without the aid of a coffee maker, a toaster, and other such appliances that
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(continued ) Encourage employees to conduct due diligence on other organizations with which they do business as well as on clients and customers. This goes beyond Know Your Customer (KYC) and USA PATRIOT Act requirements in that, whenever possible, you should gather as much information as you can to know with whom you are dealing. You will want to know what types of fraudulent activity your industry peers and their colleagues have encountered in the past. For a payroll client, you will want to know how many employees they have and how they structure their payments to establish company norms and best practices, which will make it easier to monitor activity outside these parameters. Constant assessment of the organizations connected to your enterprises will allow you to assign the appropriate risk, which will allow investigators to spot abnormal activity easier. Conduct your due diligence periodically, not just once. Another great way to strengthen your investigators skills is by providing avenues to conduct and encouraging the practice of periodic reviews of fraud case studies, especially if your organization is at risk for those types of schemes. Investigators should be encouraged to join professional organizations and participate in regular training to enhance their opportunities to increase their personal fraud IQs. Financial institutions, in particular, need to increase their internal and external education about viruses and phishing schemes and urge consumers to protect their accounts by keeping their passwords secure.
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Working with HTML Forms
QoS Mechanism Plug-ins
Figure 6.1. Highlighted observations where Horsepower ! 160 and Weight ! 4000
What a Normal Brain Tells Us about the World 55
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