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Using the Fraunhofer approximation, the source eld at the apertures can be considered as point sources approximated by narrow sinc functions. Thus, the integral in Eq. (15.8-2) becomes a double summation:     XX cos d Xi d x Y i dy dx dy U xo ; yo ; zo exp jyi sin c sin c 15:8-4 jlR lroi lroi where Xi xo xsi Yi yo ysi R average value of roi 15:8-5
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The Policy Management working group of the IETF has developed an object-oriented information model for representing Quality of Service-related information needed by network management within the scope of IETF [RFC3644]. The model covers Differentiated Services (DiffServ) and Integrated Services (IntServ) variants of IETF service quality support schemes. As part of the Next Generation OSS (NGOSS) programme, the TeleManagement Forum considers various aspects of service modelling, as described in 5. The enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) team studies processes relevant to operators and providers business and technical environments, of which service management is a part. Shared Information/Data (SID) team studies models for information that is needed for executing eTOM processes, making use of prior achievements of DMTF and IETF. The Lifecycle team studies lifecycle aspects by considering the effect of different NGOSS views (business, system, implementation and deployment) on the work of other TFM teams. As practical tools, the lifecycle uses the concepts of contracts and policies. The Service Framework Team (SFT) studies service management from the viewpoint of a service lifecycle and roles participating in it. At the time of writing, there is no single fully validated service model existing that would cater for all the needs described earlier in this chapter. The NGOSS framework of TMF, however, is probably the most credible attempt at a comprehensive framework at the moment, and experience brought in with implementation experience can be expected to bring in the missing practical aspects. The mapping between SID and OSS/J concepts provides a way of validating the concepts, and SID has been successfully used in individual system integration projects. The business view of the service model of the Shared Information/Data team is built around three kinds of key entity types [GB922]:
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InternetAddress sender = new InternetAddress("", "Justin Couch"); message.setFrom(sender); NewAddress[] to_list = { new NewsAddress("") };
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Transaction Middleware
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Other Corba components
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Middleware for Location-based Services: Design and Implementation Issues
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Web services are a distributed programming model promoting service-oriented architectures [18]. With the integration of diverse applications as Web services in distributed, intra- and interenterprise systems, there is a strong need to ensure the (transactional and messaging) reliability of service interactions. Speci cations addressing Web services reliability have consequently been proposed; these include WS-Coordination, WS-Transaction, and WS-ReliableMessaging. These speci cations complement the basic Web services
Mentioned by more 25% of more of the participants Gaze aversion (64%) Gaze aversion (73%) Inconsistencies/lack of plausibility (87%) Nervous (28%) Body movements (25%) Atypical victim behaviour (48%) Incoherent (25%) Body movements (25%) Mentioned by between 15 and 25% of the participants Facial expression Self-adaptors Inconsistencies Vagueness Hesitations Inconsistencies Facial colouration Hesitations/pauses Pauses Voice (pitch/volume) Face (sweating/blushing/ blinking)
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