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Replacing x by y and b by b in (4.18) yields J01 J10 + (1 + )bJ00 = 1 2 (kb) (b). (4.19)
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T I P Have you received error messages when specifying firstfile.jsp as Firstfile.jsp in the address location bar of Internet Explorer Did you observe and identify JSP as a case-sensitive language If you have followed the naming conventions for the attributes and other JSP tags, you may not have encountered any problems so far. You do need to consider that, similar to all other JSP tags, the <jsp:xxx> tags are case-sensitive and should be written according to specifications. All these tags are container tags. Therefore, these tags should contain end tags. In addition, you can write the JSP actions in a JSP page in two ways. You can specify these tags either as <jsp:xxx /> or <jsp:xxx> and </jsp:xxx>.
Table 8.3 describes the various Java statements that will be used in the scriplets to calculate the balance amount.
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