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Current State of Affairs
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In this chapter, you didn't really learn to do anything new you just learned how to do it better. As you played with JAXP, you may have found yourself wanting APIs that were better designed for a Java developer. Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin had the same feeling, and the result of their dissatisfaction is JDOM. In this chapter, you learned how to use JDOM to do many of the tasks you previously did with JAXP. You learned the following: You compared the JDOM code to the JAXP code for two different tasks. The first task involved searching a file for a given element and outputting the result to the console window; the second involved creating and populating a node and then outputting an XML file with the new node properly placed. Certain aspects of the second task were easier with JDOM, and others were not. You created a JDOM Document from scratch using elements of the org.jdom package. You also created a Document from a DOM tree using DOMBuilder, and from an XML file using SAXBuilder. You worked with the Document object that you created. You were able to create and work with elements and attributes using the Document, Element, and Attribute classes. JDOM also enables you to handle other aspects of an XML document by using ProcessingInstruction, Comment, DocType, and other classes. You output a JDOM document in different forms according to what was required. You sent it out as an XML document using XMLOutputter. You fired SAX 2 events from your JDOM tree using the SAXOutputter. You even converted your JDOM tree to a DOM tree using the DOMOutputter.
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6.3 Polymerization
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A Problem with Information Theory
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attorney and a relative of Jeffrey s and he wanted to know why Jeff was being subpoenaed. I asked if he was representing Jeffrey and Madison said for the time being he was. I told him we had reason to believe that Jeff was involved in violations of the Idaho Securities Act, stemming from his operation of a Web site through which he solicited and sold unregistered securities to investors throughout the United States. Madison said that he believed Jeff had only been involved for a few months but he didn t know how much money was brought in. He asked if he could attend the investigative testimony by telephone, but I told him both Jeff and his attorney needed to appear in person. He said he would advise Jeffrey on how to respond but he would probably be turning the case over to a local attorney in Boise.
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Figure 19.1. Schematic for the arrayed waveguide grating device [Courtesy of Okamoto].
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Figure 8.4 Service control update. Reproduced by permission of Nokia
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After investigating this case, my company implemented a few more standard checks to the application process for new e-commerce merchants. These steps could serve other nancial institutions well. COMPLETE COMPLIANCE Even if a Web site looks exceptionally professional, it should not be above suspicion. If the Web site is 100 percent compliant to the requirements of the credit card organization, it should be considered very unusual and a red ag. If something looks too good to be true, it usually is. TEST PURCHASES Perform test purchases of new e-commerce merchants and their products to determine whether the dealer can actually deliver, whether the products correspond to their descriptions, how long it takes for the customer to receive the product and how the merchant responds to complaints or returns. Digital goods should be tested extensively by the IT department, particularly when only one product is sold on a Web site. PLAGIARISM TESTS To determine whether the merchant has already sold a similar product on different Web sites and to identify those other sites, conduct an online plagiarism test using speci c product descriptions, frequently asked questions and terms and conditions. Previous patterns of behavior can be uncovered, which may indicate how the merchant will behave in the future. WHOIS LOOKUP Review the Whois database for information about the bene cial owner of a Web site. Especially in the eld of e-commerce, the owner s name should match the merchant information provided in the contract agreement. If another person, rm or privacy service is registered, it should be regarded as suspect and looked at more closely. REVERSE IP AND SEARCH ENGINE CHECKS Web sites of new online merchants can be subject to reverse IP and search engine checks. These searches could reveal whether other URLs are operated by the merchant, and the URLs that deliver e-mail to the Web site s mail server can be analyzed. A search engine may uncover negative reports or messages about the merchant or its other Web sites. The best recommendation for compliance and risk managers to prevent fraud is to stay up to date with new research methods and opportunities, to be suspicious when it seems necessary and to perhaps be even more suspicious when it does not seem necessary. Who knows Someone could be lurking behind the mask.
much budget you give them, and then what do you say all day long when you are trying to motivate change and drive people forward. So blogging is a tool that, especially for leaders, is critical to amplify your communications. 4
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