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Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks 2004 Guy Davies ISBN: 0-470-86739-6 G. Davies
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Large-scale distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) applications are increasingly being developed using QoS-enabled component middleware [61]. QoS-enabled component middleware provides policies and mechanisms for provisioning and enforcing large-scale DRE application QoS requirements. The middleware itself, however, does not resolve the challenges of choosing, con guring, and assembling the appropriate set of syntactically and semantically compatible QoS-enabled DRE middleware components tailored to the application s QoS requirements. Moreover, a particular middleware API does not resolve all the challenges posed by obsolescence of infrastructure technologies and its impact on long-term DRE system lifecycle costs. The OMG s Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is emerging as an effective paradigm for addressing the challenges described above. The MDA is a software development paradigm that applies domain-speci c modeling languages systematically to engineer computing systems. This chapter provides an overview of the emerging paradigm of Model Driven Middleware, which applies MDA techniques and tools to help con gure and deploy QoSenabled component middleware and DRE applications and large-scale systems of systems. To illustrate recent progress on Model Driven Middleware, we describe a case study of applying the CoSMIC tool suite in the domain of avionics mission computing. CoSMIC is designed to simplify the integration of DRE applications that consist of QoS-enabled component middleware, such as the CIAO QoS enhancements to the CORBA Component Model (CCM) [61]. CoSMIC provides platform-dependent metamodels that describe middleware and container con gurations, as well as platform-independent metamodels to describe DRE application QoS requirements. These metamodels can be used to provision static and dynamic resources in CIAO. By extending CIAO to support component deployment metadata for QoS policies, such as real-time priorities, DRE applications can
When a beam of light hit an ordinary block of glass, no rainbow was produced. As the light passed from air to glass it was true that the blue light would bend further than the red, splitting out, but when it reached the far side of the block it would move back the other way an equal amount and the result would be a recombination of the colours. The prism s triangular faces meant that the two opportunities to bend towards the vertical of the rst face and away from the vertical of the second both resulted in movement in the same direction. The colours remained separate. It s hard to imagine now just how dramatic Newton s ideas were at the time. To even the greatest seventeenthcentury thinkers, the concept at the heart of Newton s theory seemed utterly strange. Newton was saying that white light was made up of an in nite range of different colours, each impossible to change into another, each bending differently when they passed through a prism. Yet everyone knew that you could easily make one colour from two others a child could do it with a paint box. So it seemed ludicrous to suggest that colours were absolutes that could be temporarily mixed in white light but would always retain their separate identity. There was also rampant confusion between the colour of light and the colour of objects, which Newton had to go to great lengths to explain. Perhaps even more than this confusion, Newton was ghting the ghosts of ancient Greece. In the university of his day, the Greeks were still held in high regard. Their linkage of colours and perception and Aristotle s idea that all
When u and v are N-tuples, u u0 u1 . . . uN 1 t v v0 v1 . . . vN 1 t u; v can be de ned as u; v
MT 103 Example 1: identification of the debtor :52A:EXABNL2U agent Pacs.008.001.02 <DbtrAgt> <Finlnstnld> <BIC>EXABNL2U</BIC> </Finlnstnld> </DbtrAgt> <DbtrAcct> <ld> <Othr> <ld>8754219990</ld> </Othr> </ld> </DbtrAcct> <Dbtr> <Nm>ACME NV.</Nm> <PstlAdr> <StrtNm>Amstel</StrtNm> <BldgNb>344</BldgNb> <TwnNm>Amsterdam</TwnNm> <Ctry>NL</Ctry> </PstlAdr> </Dbtr>
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