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S&P 600 SmallCap Index S&P 600 SmallCap Value Index
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16: Introducing Enterprise JavaBeans
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The GKT is based on the orienting re ex (Pavlov, 1927; Sokolov, 1963). An orienting response (I will use the words re ex and response interchangeably) occurs when someone is confronted with a personally signi cant stimulus. An often used illustration is the cocktail party phenomenon (Cherry, 1953): people can be unaware of conversations going on around them, yet notice when their name is mentioned in one of these conversations. An orienting re ex probably occurs to facilitate an adaptive response to the stimulus by the individual (National Research Council, 2003; Sokolov, 1963). Orienting re exes result in physiological responses measured by the polygraph, such as an increase in electrodermal activity (EDA) (Nakayama, 2002), and a decline in heart rate (Verschuere, Crombez, de Clercq, & Koster, 2005), and also result in the occurrence of P300 brain waves measured via EEGs (Rosenfeld, 2002). In most GKT research and daily practice a polygraph is used, I will return to the EEG-P300 research later on in this chapter. The orienting theory can be applied to lie detection. Suppose that someone was killed with a knife which was left at the crime scene. As long as information about the crime has not been leaked out, only the murderer could know which type of knife was found at the crime scene. In a typical GKT examination, examinees are attached to the polygraph and will be shown several knives, including that used in the murder. For each knife the examinee will be asked whether he or she recognises it as the one used in the crime. The examinee is instructed to answer No each time this question is asked. The murderer is familiar with the murder weapon and is therefore likely to show orienting re exes when the knife used in the crime is shown; innocent examinees have no knowledge about which knife was used and will therefore show no orienting re exes.1 Ben-Shakhar, Bar-Hillel, and Kremnitzer (2002) discuss how a GKT could have been used in the John Demjanyuk trial. Demjanyuk was convicted for Nazi war crimes in Israel in 1988 because, it was claimed, he was Ivan the Terrible from the concentration camp Treblinka. However, his defence team argued that this was a case of mistaken identity
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Dangerous Learning Curve
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Recommendations to Prevent Future Occurrences
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Observing Forehead and/or Periorbital Pain It is common for individuals to have forehead
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