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Zeolites are a class of aluminosilicate minerals which are widely used as catalysts and have been well characterized by using infrared spectroscopy [19]. Zeolites possess porous and crystalline structures that are sensitive to excessive pressure, and so a non-destructive sampling technique, such as the use of a diamond ATR cell, is suitable for studying such structures.
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Converged Video Security
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The picture most of us have of ancient Greek religion is a fuzzy mix of childhood stories, more like a work of ction than a religious text. It s easy to think of this as a re ection of our ignorance, avoured by Disney cartoon characters and Hollywood epics, but the picture is surprisingly
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4.4.1. Weak Convergence of Stochastic Processes
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Per Serving: (1 pork chop, 103 g) Calories 200; Available carbohydrate 2 g; Carbohydrate 2 g; Fibre 0 g; Fat 9 g; Protein 24 g; Cholesterol 71 mg; Phosphorus 257 mg; Potassium 475 mg; Sodium 227 mg. 1 Serving = 0 Carbohydrate Choices
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Denote by si1 and si2 , i = i, . . . , d the coordinates in each chart. We have Y1 = si1 Y1 = 1 si1 sj Thus at every point Y1 (s 1 ) = H (s 1 ) Y2 (s 2 ), pY1 (s 1 ),Y
system and access technologies such that these data could be created, accessed and managed in a harmonized manner by users, subscribers, network operators and Value-Added Service Providers (VASPs). The 3GPP Core Network (CN) Workgroup 5 de nes the Open Service Architecture (OSA) [22.127]. OSA de nes an architecture that enables operator and third-party applications to make use of network functionality through an open, standardized interface (the OSA Interface). In this way applications become independent from the underlying network technology. The applications constitute the top level of the Open Service Architecture (OSA). This level is connected to Service Capability Servers (SCSs) via the OSA interface. The SCSs map the OSA interface onto the underlying telecommunications-speci c protocols and are therefore hiding the network complexity from the applications. The OSA work in 3GPP has been carried out in a good working relationship with the Parlay initiative. The 3GPP TSG SA WG3 de nes security architectures for 3GPP services. The main part of Release 99 and Release 4 security speci cations are about access security to WCDMA- and GSM/EDGE-based systems. In Release 5, two new major areas are added: Network Domain Security (NDS) addresses security between different networks and an access technology independent security system has been designed for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). The IMS is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based service platform and it is the main extension of the 3GPP system in Release 5. In Release 6 there are several security work tasks that have an impact on services and service management. There are several service enablers (e.g. presence, conferencing and messaging) that require speci c security enhancements. The 3GPP also de nes Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) that builds on top of the existing General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)/UMTS security architecture (with tamper-resistant security modules on terminals as a cornerstone of the architecture). The purpose of the GAA is to make it possible to use the same mechanisms for authentication and authorization independently of the speci c service. The GAA utilizes earlier work done in IETF and in OMA. The vision is that GAA can be used as a building block when systems are designed to meet the security requirements of, for example, OMA or Liberty. On the other hand, the GAA is going to be utilized for services de ned in 3GPP.
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