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What no one realized in 1821, least of all Faraday, was that his fascination with electricity and magnetism would lead to a breakthrough in our understanding of light. But it would be ten years before Faraday returned to electricity and magnetism. The pain of the accusations and Davy s betrayal bit deep. He turned his attention to chemistry and took on the administrative job of Director of the Laboratory, establishing the 9 p.m. Friday lectures and a series of Christmas events for children. Both still operate Faraday s Royal Institution Christmas lectures are a familiar sight on British television. Successful though his chemical ventures were, Faraday could not resist the challenge of electromagnetism forever. By 1831 there had been hints that electricity owing through a wire could generate a current in another, unconnected wire, somehow communicating across space. This near-magical proposition was too much for Faraday s curiosity to resist. He rigged up a pair of wire coils, wrapping each long piece of wire around the straight sides of an elongated hoop of iron. He expected to see a steady ow of electricity in the second coil, somehow leaking through the metal hoop, when he powered up the rst. Instead there was only a brief surge of power in the second coil when the rst coil was turned on or off. A lesser man would have blamed his equipment or dismissed the evidence, but Faraday worried away at the problem like a dog tugging at an old sock. It seemed
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equilibration, and caused some individuals symptoms to worsen.26
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3: Creating Dynamic Content with Servlets
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The number of negative months is slightly higher than the index and the peak-to-valley loss is 2% to 5% worse than the index. The number of negative months is roughly equal to the index and the peak-to-valley loss is within a 2% range better or worse than the index. The number of negative months is slightly lower than the index and the peak-to-valley loss is 2% to 5% better than the index. The number of negative months is signi cantly lower than the index and the peak-to-valley loss is more than 5% better than the index.
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NamingContext rootContext = NamingContextHelper.narrow(contextobj);
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Now start up the server by opening up still another command window. Navigate to the GreetingServer directory and invoke the following command:
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Figure 10.7. The area of overlap for the computation of the OTF of a square aperture.
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Most applications do not invoke their entity beans remotely. Instead, they are invoked by co-located Session Fa ade Beans, which, in turn, are invoked by remote application clients. In this scenario, the Entity Bean invocations can be far more efficient if those beans support a local interface. Session fa ades can use the local interface instead of the slower, more heavyweight remote interface.
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Recommendations to Prevent Future Occurrences
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