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where Real [] is assumed from the context. Intensity or irradiance I is de ned as the time-averaged power given by w I 2p
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experienced significant sample attrition over its first four waves (see Section 10.3.1). Second, the data available explicitly distinguish between the contact and cooperation stages. Third, and perhaps most significantly, the range of explanatory variables available exceeds what has been reported in any previous analysis of attrition from a longitudinal survey. 10.3.1 The HILDA Survey Data
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{ System.out.println( SQL Exception is caught. ); } return validate; } }
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Figure 19 5: Weather forecast for Austin The servlet application acts as a client to access the CORBA weather object. The servlet can also call all the other methods defined in the CORBA weather object.
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FIGURE 2.24 Australian dollar/Canadian dollar with CCI using 200 and +200
1 Melt the margarine in a frying pan and saut the onions over medium-high heat until
Application Server Object (ASO)
To deploy your service, take the created jar file, DeployedGreeting.jar, and copy it into the directory <tomcat install>\webapps\axis\WEB INF\lib. Your earlier deploy.xml file configured the axis server correctly to deliver the current version of the service. If you'd like to be sure that you aren't still seeing the results of the HelloService.class file, remove the DeployedGreeting directory from the <tomcat install>\webapps\axis\WEB INF\classes directory. Cycle Tomcat and then rerun HelloClient: It should behave as before. Dropping a jar file into the lib directory is an easy way to deploy your Web service.
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