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Think we wax overly poetic Perhaps. But how about this . . . A number of years ago a well-known soup company, seeking to be contemporary, changed the longstanding, classic appearance of their cans labels to something modern-looking. It was a dismal marketing failure and sales tanked. Turns out that people didn t want modern in their soup; they wanted traditional. Well, whether you, too, want something classical or instead are looking for something contemporary, in this chapter you ll find delectable recipes for all sorts of different types of diabetes-friendly soups.
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Remark. We will prove the stronger inequality P(|MT (MT )| > u) 2[1 (u/ T )].
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pX(t1 ),...,X(tk ),X (t1 ),X (t2 ),X (t1 ) (x1 , . . . , xk , x1 , x2 , x3 ) dx1 dx2 dx3 tends to zero as t2 t1 0 uniformly for (t1 , . . . , tk ) in a compact subset of I k \Dk (I ) and x1 , . . . , xk in a neighborhood of (u, . . . , u). Theorem 3.4 (Rice s Formula). If X satis es (A1), (A2k), (A3k), and (A4k), then
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Most Canadians living with type 2 diabetes and a significant number of Canadians living with type 1 diabetes are overweight and are facing the challenge of how to shed extra pounds. In 4 we discuss helpful strategies you can use to lose weight. Skipping meals isn t one of them! (Indeed we include it in our list of Ways to sabotage your attempts at losing weight. ) In theory, skipping meals could help you lose weight. Since pretty well all foods and liquids (water, diet soft drinks, and the like aside) contain calories, if you skipped meals you would avoid the calories the meals would have contained and you would eventually lose weight. Well, as we say, that s the theory.
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How the Brain Does It
16.5 The Application Prototype
Here's the entire revised program.xsl style sheet:
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To illustrate how to use the various beans, some sample code is needed. We are going to keep working with the examples presented in Part III of the book. The chapters in Part III described a very simple store with customers and products. We'll use all the SQL tables defined there and then add the logic over the top. EJBs are only half the story of any enterprise application you need a user interface, too. Our sample application will use JSPs, and we'll also show you how to do the same tasks with Servlets. Caution Owing to differences in the level of support for the various SQL standards by relational databases, we are going to skip a few of the fundamental details of dealing with primary keys in the tables. The example code in this chapter assumes the Cloudscape database that comes with the reference implementation, but if your RDBMS supports AUTO_INCREMENT on the primary key, you have to take a completely different approach, which we'll cover as well. Deciding on beans to use Using EJBs in an application really requires that you sit down and design the application before coding. Because different varieties of beans exist, and because each variety requires that you implement code in different forms, you need to understand the relationships between data and business logic running through your system. Only once you have worked out what needs to be represented and how should you start writing code. Unlike with some other code, you can't just slap together a bit of code and hope that it sorta works right. Proper design is absolutely essential to creating robust and efficient EJB based code. Designing the structure of beans is, like most code design, a matter of personal philosophy. As the old clich goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. For example, when you're building an entity bean to represent user data in the database, should the entity bean represent all users, or should it represent just one user Sample bean design For the purposes of our sample application, we have to consider the type of data in the system. First, we have the three tables of data in the relational database product, customer, and order information. As these are 336
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