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Portfolio Analysis
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Future Research Directions
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TMD patients most commonly have myofascial pain in their closure muscles (masseter, temporalis, and medial pterygoid muscles). These muscles are tender to palpation, and ideally the practitioner would identify trigger points to arrive at this diagnosis, but they may be dif cult to discern, even for practitioners experienced in palpating muscles.21
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8.4 Agricultural Applications
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United States which is responsible for sales of merchandise to U.S. customers and for the investment of the assets of this office. The branch office invests its excess cash in the securities of various foreign corporations, which produce dividend and interest income from foreign sources. If the employees of the branch office actively participate in the acquisition of these foreign securities, the dividend and interest income thereon will constitute effectively connected income to the foreign corporation. An office or fixed place of business in the United States is not considered a material factor in the realization of foreign source dividend, interest, or capital gains income merely because such office or other fixed place of business conducts one or more of the following activities: (a) collects or accounts for the income; (b) exercises general supervision over the activities of the persons directly carrying on the activities or services described in the text; (c) performs merely clerical functions incidental to the issuance, acquisition, sale, or exchange; or (d) exercises final approval over the execution of the issuance, acquisition, sale, or exchange [Treas. Reg. 1.8646(b)(2)(ii)]. 23 The IRS has ruled that futures contracts on securities issued by the Government National Mortgage Association are U.S. government securities [General Counsel Memorandum 39447 (Dec. 5, 1984) and Private Letter Rulings 8640059 and 8548016]. 24 U.S. Department of Labor Advisory Opinions: 86-20A (BDN Advisers, Inc.); 8621A (Batterymarch Financial Management); 86-31A (Alliance Capital Management L.P.); 89-31A (Mount Lucas Management Corporation). 25 A recent Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals case held that a fund manager that valued securities upon which its fee was based did not violate ERISA so long as the overall fee was reasonable [Harley v. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co., 284 F.3d 901 (8th Cir. 2002)]. 26 The DOL has proposed amending PTE 84-14 to update the 20-year-old exemption; one of the proposed changes is to increase the monetary requirements for assets under management to $85 million and for equity capital to $1 million.
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[33] The Jetspeed Webpage, Web Page, http://jakarta.apache.org/jetspeed/. Accessed 4/22/2004. [34] Grid Interoperability Project, Web Page, http://www.grid-interoperability.org/. Accessed 4/22/2004. [35] Snelling, D., van den Berghe, S., von Laszewski, G., Wieder, P., MacLaren, J., Brooke, J., Nicole, D., and Hoppe, H.-C. (2001) A Unicore Globus Interoperability Layer, Web Page, http://www.grid-interoperability.org/D4.1b draft.pdf [36] NPACI HotPage (2001) Web Page, https://hotpage.npaci.edu/ [37] The Globus Project, Web Page, http://www.globus.org [38] Gaidioz, B., Wolski, R., and Tourancheau, B. (2000) Synchronizing Network Probes to Avoid Measurement Intrusiveness with the Network Weather Service. Proceedings of 9th IEEE High-Performance Distributed Computing Conference, August, pp. 147154; http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/ rich/publications/ [39] von Laszewski, G., Russell, M., Foster, I., Shalf, J., Allen, G., Daues, G., Novotny, J., and Seidel, E. (2002) Community Software Development with the Astrophysics Simulation Collaboratory. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 14, 1289-1301; http://www.mcs.anl.gov/ gregor/papers/vonLaszewski cactus5.pdf [40] NEESgrid Homepage, Web Page, http://www.neesgrid.org/. Accessed 4/22/2004. [41] Particle Physics Data Grid (2001) Web Page, http://www.ppdg.net/. Accessed 4/22/2004. [42] The International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory, Web Page, http://www.ivdgl.org/. Accessed 4/22/2004. [43] The DataGrid Project (2000) http://www.eu-datagrid.org/. Accessed 4/22/2004. [44] GriPhyN - Grid Physics Network, Web Page, http://www.griphyn.org/index.php [45] Foster, I., V ckler, J.-S., Wilde, M., and Zhao, Y. (2002) Chimera: A Virtual Data o System for Representing, Querying and Automating Data Derivation. 14th International Conference on Scienti c Database Management, Edinburgh, Scotland. [46] von Laszewski, G., Ruscic, B., Amin, K., Wagstrom, P., Krishnan, S., and Nijsure, S. (2003) A Framework for Building Scienti c Knowledge Grids Applied to Thermochemical Tables. The International Journal of High Performance Computing Application, 17, http://www.mcs.anl.gov/ gregor/papers/ vonLaszewski knowledge-grid.pdf [47] Pancerella, C., Myers, J. D., Allison, T. C., Amin, K., Bittner, S., Didier, B., Frenklach, M., William, J., Green, H., Ho, Y.-L., Hewson, J., Koegler, W., Lansing, C., Leahy, D., Lee, M., McCoy, R., Minkoff, M., Nijsure, S., von Laszewski, G., Montoya, D., Pinzon, R., Pitz, W., Rahn, L., Ruscic, B., Schuchardt, K., Stephan, E., Wagner, A., Wang, B., Windus, T., Xu, L., and Yang, C. (2003) Metadata in the Collaboratory for Multi-Scale Chemical Science. 2003 Dublin Core Conference: Supporting Communities of Discourse and PracticeMetadata Research and Applications, Seattle, WA, September 28-October 2; http://www.mcs.anl.gov/ gregor/papers/vonLaszewski dublin-core.pdf
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Part III: Healthy Eating: Natural, Nutritious Recipes
IPTV Service Provider
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