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The symptoms and consequences of this AntiPattern are similar to those that occur with other interface-based components such as sessions and entities. The specific symptoms and consequences include:
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studies is solution. First, compounds which contain hydrogen donor groups, e.g. halogenated compounds which contain a suf cient number of halogens to activate the hydrogens present, such as chloroform. Secondly, compounds which contain non-bonded electron pairs, such as ethers, aldehydes and tertiary amines. In addition, there are compounds which contain both types of group, e.g. water and alcohols. There are only a few solvents that do not have the above characteristics, such as carbon tetrachloride (CCl4 ) and carbon disul de (CS2 ). These still contain lone electron pairs, but being on S and Cl are less available, and any interactions will be extremely weak. Apart from solvent effects, concentration and temperature also affect the degree of hydrogen bonding in a compound. The lower the concentration, then the less chance there is of two molecules colliding. It follows that the degree of hydrogen bonding decreases with decreasing concentration. DQ 3.2 What would be the effect of an increase in temperature on the infrared spectrum of a hydrogen-bonded compound Answer Increasing temperature means that each molecule will have more energy on average and weak associative forces, such as hydrogen bonds, are likely to be broken. This should lead to a lesser degree of hydrogen bonding, and thus changes in wavenumber to greater values would be observed for groups forming the hydrogen bond.
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protocol bgp; community PleaseLeakThis; } then accept; } term block-more-specifics { from { protocol bgp; prefix-list our-aggregates; } then reject; } term send-customer-routes { from { protocol bgp; community Customer; } then accept; } } community community community community community community Customer members 1:1; Peer members 1:2; Transit members 1:3; DontLeakThis members 1:999; PleaseLeakThis members 1:1000; OurAggregates members 1:50000;
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Figure 15.1. Demonstrates the clinically signi cant long-term effect a single cervical exercise can have on cervicogenic headaches.29
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also the chameleon effect in 3.
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2.61 3.48 5.99
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Infrared Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and Applications
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Figure 8.21. (a) P1 : rst principal plane, (b) P2 : second principal plane.
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The Methods of the HttpServletRequest Interface DESCRIPTION Returns the HttpSession object associated with the current session. A new session is created if any session does not already exist. The method returns an object of HttpSession class.
n late 1993, I received a phone call from Michael Dertouzos, the founder and head of MIT s Laboratory for Computer Science. He said he wanted to see me for two reasons; rst, to help promote the extraordinary innovations coming out of the lab, and second, to discuss the marketing of the recent work of a young British researcher who was moving to the lab from a stint at CERN (the Organisation Europ enne pour la Recherche Nucl aire) in Switzerland. A few days later, the larger-than-life Michael and a quiet Tim Berners-Lee were sitting in my Cambridge of ce. Michael spoke of the many things the lab had accomplished and the work in progress. He showed me a videotape of his 1980 appearance on the Today show to discuss the impact of the rst personal computers on society. The interviewer pushed Michael to agree that the advent of the PC was just a fad, but Michael politely disagreed and went on to describe a world in which a large digital community would soon be formed by connecting all personal commuters so that people could easily communicate, shop, learn even get advice from physicians on another continent. The interviewer just shook his head and broke for a commercial. Then it was Tim s turn. He discussed his recent work, the development of a language called html hypertext markup language that he planned to layer onto the Internet to create a World Wide Web. He asked if I thought the name was catchy, and I smiled, because I really had no idea what he was talking about. Michael explained he was forming the World Wide Web Consortium and he wanted us to help promote and educate the world. Now, some 16 years later, we still have not seen the full impact of xiii
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